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…. I do not want to bring the world under my influence. I would like the world to take me under its influence: for it to forget my name, forget my address, and remember itself. I do not want to leave my religion behind me.

I have only one request to those people who love me, for there to be only one proof of their love: that they forgive me and forget me for ever. Yes, if any truth has manifested through me, then just drink that truth – drink it to your heart content. But the truth is not mine; it is nobody's. Truth is only its own. There is not label on it, no adjective to it.

Hence, I want to just melt, merge, and disappear, in such a way that not even any trace of my footprints is left on the earth so that someone may follow them. In the same way that birds fly in the sky yet leave no trace behind, I also don't want to leave any footprints behind me.
I want humanity to love truth, to love love, to love compassion, to love meditation, to love existence itself – to love all these things. I was not here yesterday; tomorrow again I will not be here. Do not turn this skeleton into a statue.

And I don't want to take anybody under my influence.

In regard to this let me also tell you that the people in this world who make the efforts to gather followers so that people can fall under their influence are not good people. They are egoist. They want to take the peak of their ego higher and higher. They want to stand on your shoulders and touch the stars in the sky.

(The Diamond Sword )

I would love you all to be independent of me, because if you are dependent on me, in some way you will go on resenting me. Nobody loves a man on whom you are dependent, who has taken away your freedom, your independence, who has possessed you. You are imprisoned. Who loves the jailer? And I don't want to be anybody's jailer.

Please, don't be dependent on me, because your dependence is dangerous to me. Behind your dependence will be great resentment, hatred. It is poisonous. I want you to be completely independent of me, so that I can be completely free from any resentment, hatred – at least from my sannyasins. You should understand my situation.

(FromDeath to Deathlessness)

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