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When Anando addressed you as Gurudev, you misunderstood her. She is addressing you by your name as Gurudev because she well understands that you are not a Guru (the enlightened master) but a teacher. But this type of misunderstanding is inevitable where the man is at the helm of ego. Gurudev is your name as was given to you by your followers and not an adjective which you misconstrued. You say this is no more 'gurudev' but 'whosoever'. Does it make any difference? You think that by calling yourself as 'whosoever' you become whosoever i.e. an unknown entity. This is not so easy because now your name has been changed from 'gurudev' to whosoever. But still you are as much yourself as you were when your name was Harish Chander. This appears from the manner you have replied Anando's letter in your book 'Osho Is Not a Person'. She had not asked you who Osho is at present. She had asked about the Osho when He was in the body. Your letter can also be interpreted in the same manner in which you have interpreted the above letter. Here is the interpretation:

The letter written to you by Anando, as I understand it from its contents, was a business type letter. She had not put before you a spiritual or philosophical question neither she expected such reply from you. But you replied it in a philosophical way and could not resist the temptation to deliver a spiritual sermon. This has revealed whether you have disappeared as an ego or disappeared as an individual. It is very easy to surrender the individuality but most difficult to surrender the ego. What you had said to her she already knew better than you. She has been listening to Osho sitting at His feet while you were running place to place conducting meditation camps or taking snaps with your camera. She well understands the difference between a person and his presence. But the fact remains that a man who is knowledgeable could not resist the temptation to show his knowledge to others. That is why you seized the opportunity to show that you are somebody; somebody special, an enlightened master. A 'Nobody' is nobody by living experience of egolessness; one cannot be 'nobody' by saying that he has disappeared and become 'nobody'. He is still somebody. Have you come across following words of Osho?:-

 The Man Of Tao Remains Unknown.
  Perfect Virtue Produces Nothing.
 No Self Is True Self. And The Greatest Man Is Nobody.

Listen.... The man of Tao remains unknown. Not that nobody will know him, but it is up to you to discover him. He is not making any effort to be known. Effort to be known comes from the ego, because ego cannot exist when you are unknown, it exists only when you are known. It exists, feeds, when people look at you, when they pay attention to you, when you are somebody important, significant.

You write, " and that is what our beloved master Osho also expected from his sannyasins."

"So HE is successful, HE is victorious… jai osho! Jai jai osho"

You declare yourself to have disappeared and thus realized enlightenment. What type of enlightened man you are who does not know the simple fact that a man realize enlightenment only when he leaves all expectations and desires. Know well, the awakened men like Osho do not expect anything from anybody; they are beyond any expectation. We had not expected such reply from an old Osho’s sannyasin who once was very near to Him.

You also think that you have made Osho successful and victorious by making yourself enlightened. First of all you have exposed yourself by giving above statements; such statements can be made only by a person who knows nothing about enlightenment; not to speak of having its experience…. “Ho jaaye!...”

An enlightened man is beyond any sense or feeling of success/ victory or failure. Being beyond all dualities, he is in absolute freedom and one with the existence.

And your exclamation “jai osho ! Jai jai osho” is misplaced and smells politics. I clearly remember an incident which took place during “Ek Onkar Satnam” series of  Hindi discourses. Some sannyasins started shouting “Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh ki jai” at the end of discourse. Osho asked to stop that practice immediately because such things have no place in His vision. It appears you did not attend the above series or missed to notice the incident. Perhaps you were playing cards with Swami Chaitanya Kirti in a room in the commune while Osho was speaking….. “Ho Jaaye!”

You write, "That osho mysteriously is still taking care of us all, who are connected with HIM by heart."

Do you think Osho is our caretaker? Did He take care of only those who are connected with Him by heart, and then who takes care of those who are connected with him by spirit or are not His sannyasins. Existence takes care of all because existence encompasses everything and now Osho is part of existence. Now He is as much part of the existence as the trees, as the moon, as the stars. Everyone gets what he deserves but nobody is there to give and discriminate. Enlightened man shines like a sun and spreads his consciousness everywhere without any discrimination. Further, an enlightened master is not a doer.

“As far as I am concerned, I have never done anything. Whatever has happened, I cannot take the credit for it. Since the day I came to know my nothingness, things have been happening but I am not the doer. Existence has taken over. I am not even concerned whether what is happening is going to succeed or fail; it is none of my concern. Hence, you cannot call it my "job." I am as much part of existence as the trees, as the moon, as the stars. The whole functions in an organic way. Everything is related to everything else. The smallest blade of grass is connected with the greatest star millions of light years away. All are functioning, and there is nobody who is dictating. Existence is, in itself, the master. And whatever happens is spontaneous: nobody orders it, nobody follows. This is the greatest mystery. Because this mystery could not be understood, people from the very beginning started imagining a God. Their imagination of a God is only their psychological difficulty in accepting this tremendous universe, running spontaneously on its own without any accidents.”

An enlightened master is beyond body and mind. He is also beyond heart i.e. feelings and emotions – these are all mind-games. The heart you are speaking about is also one of the functions of the mind. You seem to have trapped in the emotional world. "Ho jaaye!..." The trap of the mind is not as dangerous as that of the heart. You seem to have not heard the following words of your master Osho in this respect?:-

"The reality is that what the Sufis call the heart is just part of their mind. The mind has many capacities: thinking, feeling, imagination, dreaming, self-hypnosis -- these are all qualities of the mind. In fact there is no heart as such; everything is being done by the mind."

"We have lived with this traditional division that imagination and feeling and emotions and sentiments are of the heart. But your heart is just a pumping system. Everything that you think or imagine or feel is confined into the mind. Your mind has seven hundred centers and they control everything."


OSHO: “Who cares?
What was happening to them when I was not here? The world goes on. When I was not here – it is not a problem to me – what was happening in the world was happening.”
          “I was not here; I was not responsible for it. When I am gone, to you I am gone; to me you are gone. So the curtain falls.”
                                                                                              (The Last Testament Vol. I # 21)

Osho says, “Your heart is just a pumping station.”  He explained it a necessary stopover, just an “overnight stay.” Love is essential for spiritual growth, yet it is not the goal, and we were learning how easy it is to stuck there.

"I have to break your heart", Osho declared. " I have destroyed your mind—the first step has been taken. The second step is harder because the heart is closer to being than the head. It is very easy to see the rubbish of the mind; it is very difficult to see the rubbish of the heart…. The greater work starts when you start disidentifying yourself from your heart."

Perhaps you have not heard or read the above words of Osho or if heard, then you have altogether missed the meaning of the same. Osho has made the point clear when he addressed a question from Coleman Barks, a well known authority on Rumi, when he visited Pune commune.

Osho told Coleman that Sufism is beautiful, that he – like Coleman—loved Rumi, but that Sufism is based on the duality of devotee-god and that the way lay beyond lover and beloved, subject and object. He suggested that Coleman move from his lifelong study of Sufism to Zen-no mind.

We have brought these words of Osho for your information and understanding with the above reference, "The beloved is within you, the worshipper is the worshipped the beloved is within you; you just need to go to the very core of your being. Descend from the head to the heart and from the heart to the being. Move from thinking to feeling and from feeling to being. Just be, and that is the meeting with the beloved. The meeting has already been happening, you are just not aware, you are just unconscious." "Never forget the way. It is very simple: From mind to heart and from heart to being and from being to pure space. This pure space is the buddha."

You exhibit yourself one of the oldest Osho sannyasins; then how you missed the above most rebellious statements of your master? 'Ho jaaye'

You also write that the letter of Anando to you "seems to be an excuse for our meeting. HIS ways are subtle, strange and mysterious – isn't it?"

Yes HIS ways are subtle, strange and mysterious because in this way HE presented an occasion to expose your false enlightenment. And the manner in which you have replied Anando's letter has clearly proved it.

You write, "being so close to him for so many years, it is surprising: you still see HIM as a person! my beloved one! Let me tell you: HE is not a person…HE never was. HE himself also has said… "I am not a person, I am a presence."

Do you know what it means when an awakened man says 'I'. It means something beyond body, mind and heart. It does not include his body, mind and heart. But so long as such man remains in the body, he is body, mind as well as heart with the difference that he is no longer identified with all these. And because he has body, mind and heart, he also functions as a person. You have missed this too. Ho Jaaye!.

Even a person with an average intelligence could have understood what Anando had informed you about. But you missed that too. She had simply informed you that some friends were collecting material for an Osho archive for the west. They have realized that there was a lot of material about Osho in India, but very little in the west and unfortunately there was little information about Osho, the person.

Osho has been a person as well as presence. However at present He is simply a presence. That is why Anando has said, "About Osho, the person." She has not said – "there is little information about osho."She has proved herself more intelligent than you. Had Osho been not a person, you would have not known anything about Him and there would have been no information about him that could be collected or stored anywhere in any manner. You have been Osho's photographer also. Whose photos you have been catching -- Osho, as a person or Osho as a presence? Can you photograph the presence of anything which is not in form? Do you have any picture of Osho without form in this objective world? You project yourself as enlightened man but it is very strange you could not understand such simple thing. But this always happens with a knowledgeable man – he cannot resist the temptation and uses every opportunity to show his knowledge. You have gathered knowledge from the books of Osho but unfortunately, you could not digest it. That undigested knowledge you are vomiting which has exposed you. "Ho Jaaye!"

And as regards Anando, listen what Osho says about her:-

“Anando, you are a rare intelligence but it often happens that the people who are intelligent don’t have a good memory. And people who are intelligent, if they are not a little eccentric, are very flat and boring. You are not flat and boring. You are a born cuckoo. And you can hear from the very morning ... the cuckoo is going sane. I have been listening for almost half an hour.

A man who has intelligence is bound to be thought by many to be a little bit off the track. And in fact he is. Certainly he is not one of the crowd. To the crowd he is an outsider, a stranger. He dreams (such) dreams which are not common, he hopes against hope, which looks absurd to commonsense people. He perceives faraway things, imagines utopias. He is the very salt of the earth.

And particularly being a woman you are even more rare, because man has not allowed women to be intelligent. Man has always kept them in an inferior position. Even the greatest men who are known to be compassionate have completely forgotten their compassion as far as woman is concerned.

Anando is an intelligent woman. Somehow she has escaped from the trap, and all intelligent people are so individualistic that the crowd thinks that something is wrong with them, particularly about a woman.

In the first place, she is not expected to be intelligent; in the second place, she is not allowed to be a cuckoo, and Anando is both! And I love cuckoos, because cuckoos will reach enlightenment before anybody else.

(The New Dawn # 32)

You writes, "my fellow-traveler Anando! Somehow from the very beginning, when I first met osho in delhi, in the year 1969, I intuitively felt that HE is a bhagwan, and started seeing HIM as bhagwan – though I was not at all aware of the proper meaning of this very word bhagwan, at that time. And since then that feeling remained with me always; and later in 1970, I found others addressing HIM, calling HIM bhagwan."

Anando in her letter had not asked you when you first met Osho and what were your projections about Him. Why you made this out of place reference is also clear. You wanted to show to Anando that you were very senior to her and had the ability (even before meeting Him) to recognize Osho as bhagwan or enlightened one. It seems you were already enlightened before meeting Osho in 1969. If not, then how did you recognize Osho as Bhagwan. You failed to understand that this was your projection. It was projected from you Hindu conditionings and back-ground. It is very common in India – here every one has projected someone as Bhagwan or God. Same has been the case with you also.

You have also forgotten that Osho had discarded this name ‘Bhagwan’ finding it obscene and derogatory. Adopting this name was a joke played by Him upon Hindu priesthood. It was also a challenge to these people which they could not dare to face.

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