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In the year 1984 and subsequently Osho seems to be not very much concerned about someone to engage in spreading His message. He was very much aware of the fact that people engaged in spreading His message may end up by being like Christian missionaries. Even in the earlier years i.e. some times in 1969 or 1970 he had made it very clear to the peoples who were involved in his work, that their individual development should be the first in priority and that spreading his message should be secondary. He did not want that his sannyasins should spend their valuable time for this work ignoring their own development. We are giving below the extract of one of Osho's discourses in 'Anant Ki Pukar' which were delivered some times in 1969/1970:

"You have to remember that no matter how involved you become in this work; it is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that bliss and light descends in your life. If you have that, you will be able to share. If you don't have that, you will not be able to share."

"So we do not want a functionary who is not a seeker. We don't need such functionaries, because if not today, then tomorrow, that functionary will start suffering. He will get into trouble and he will through the whole responsibility unto us: "They got me entangled in some work and I lost everything."

"A friend, Manik Prabhu, who is himself from Pune, went to Vinoba. He first went to Ramkrishna Mission and they placed him in a hospital – so for three or four years he served in a hospital. Then he felt, "This is okay, I could have done this work in any hospital, but what has it accomplished? It has not taken me anywhere. I am still where I was before."

"He left and went to Vinoba. Vinoba said," For ten years, walk aound the whole country taking my literature to every village."

"The poor man started going from village to village with his bag of publications. He has been traveling around for two years now. And about three days ago he came to Jabalpur and came to see me."

"So I said to him,"Now a second hospital round has started!" "It is good that he has realized this after a just few years: "This is a hospital, all fine and good, but what has this changed within me?"

"What will he get by selling Gita Pravachen – Vinoba's book? Or if I take Gita Pravachan away from him and instead give him our Perfect Way or Seeds of Wisdom and ask him to go around selling them from village to village for ten years, what will that do for him?"

"So I told him, "If you have no idea that this is secondary and that something else, which is not to be forgotten, is central, then just as those hospital days went to waste, so will these ten years. Otherwise what will bring to people? And from where does this question of 'bring to people' even arise?"

"So the seeker becomes first, his being a worker is absolutely secondary. And if you have to lose one of the two, let go of being a worker, not of being a seeker."

"You will find many people ready to work immediately, but remember: only if doing takes from the centre of no-doing is it meaningful, only then is it spiritual; otherwise not. The centre that we are going to create is for teaching non-doing. So don't let it happen that you become just a worker. Then the whole point is lost. What would be accomplished through building such a centre? It would be futile, it would have no value."

Work is : Love Made Visible)

But in spite of what Osho says about involving His work most of the sannyasins particularly so-called old Indian sannyasins have made Osho Work as the only purpose of their life. The first motive behind this morbid interest in spreading Osho's Message is to become Gurus and seek publicity. On being the leaders and Osho Meditation Sanchalaks they pose themselves as to have experienced what meditation is and what is the experience of no-mind, whereas the man of meditation goes on the path of being nobody. For this purpose they are on the run day in day out.

Second motive is money. They spread the message among sannyasins that they can experience meditation only under their guidance. Osho had made it very clear that none of his sannyasins is allowed to spread his message until he himself has the experience of No-mind/Meditation. We are giving His fiery words in this respect below :


Answer: No


Answer:No. They are not. They are experimenting, they are meditating; and unless they experience, they are not allowed to spread anything. It is none of their business. I'm alone enough. I have my ways; just sitting here in this chair I can flood the whole world with my ideas. What is the need for them? They have to experience first. Unless it becomes their own, they are not to become missionaries. I hate the word missionary. Each sannyasin should speak on his own authority, then there is strength.

Now, if it is not your experience, from where you are going to have strength? Books and knowledge derived from books cannot be your strength. I want my people to be strong, that if somebody does the same thing as I did to Stanley Jones they need not say, that "It is not our experience, we have believed in a Master and we are repeating like parrots." No, that will be ugly. I would not like these people to say that. It is better to say, "I don't know."

Unless you know, don't bother to say anything to anybody. When you know, you will have to say -- because then you become just like a rain cloud, which is so full of water that it has to rain somewhere or other.

The moment you know you become a rain cloud, and then it is something totally different. You are not a missionary; you are not changing anybody and trying to convert him to your faith. You don't have any faith, you have certain experience and out of sheer love you are sharing it. If that sharing transforms the man that is a different thing; it is not conversion, it is transformation.

(The Last Testament)

But it seems that the pull of Money, Power and prestige is far greater than the thirst for seeking Truth. People seem attracted towards spiritual search only to seek these things. They appear to have become sannyasins not to search Truth but to search all those mundane things which they have left behind before becoming sannyasins. Having all this who cares what their Master says? Osho International Meditation resort does not support these things. This is the place where Osho's message is spread but there is nobody as missionary; where every type of guidance is provided but there is no guide or leader. No special designated person to do all these things.

And no special image is given to the person who is engaged in such works. No publicity is done as to who are the leaders and who are the guides. No hierarchy no higher or lower, all walk on the flat ground. All are absent, underground workers. At such place where is the scope for nourishing one's ego which is the first and the last barrier for meditation.

It is unfortunate that contrary to all above, the Osho World Foundation / Osho World Group do not believe in these things. Their motive behind all Osho Work is to seek support from maximum Osho friends for their ideas about the teachings of Osho. With this intention they are very much selective about Osho's teachings. They publish and give publicity only to those teachings of Osho which suit to their motives and ignore all that which was said against them after going to America. In reply to a question about spreading Osho's message, his radical response will shock all those who are engaged in spreading his message and guiding people for meditation. The same reads as under:


Just be yourself, utterly yourself. And never think in terms of how you can help my vision to happen in the world, because that's what makes a missionary – and I am against missionaries. They are the poisoners. Their intention is good, they want to spread something which they feel is immensely valuable, but a missionary does not know that what he is trying to spread is not his own experience. So I would like to make it clear that you just be yourself, and that will be the way of spreading my message to people, because that's my message – to be yourself authentically, sincerely. It is not a question of saying something to somebody; it is a question of being somebody in a way that the vision radiates from you... that the people feel that something has happened to you that has not happened to them... that there is something in you that they are missing... that you are full and they are empty... that you can give and yet you will not be losing anything. And they are only beggars; they cannot give, they can only take. And whatsoever they take also disappears soon because it is not their own. I would not like my people to be like Christian missionaries.

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