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An outcome of anger and jealousy, doing good work with bad intentions

When Osho criticized Mother Teresa, people were surprised because she has been doing great work for the economic and social uplift of the poor and down trodden by opening schools, hospitals and orphanages .She had also been awarded Nobel Prize for her social services. Osho could see the intentions of Mother Teresa behind this all. The intention was to increase the number of Catholics by converting the poor into Catholicism. Similar has been the case with Osho World Foundation.

This Foundation was created by the Osho Sannyasins who had left Osho Commune, Pune in the year 2000 under the leadership of Ma Yoga Neelam. These people were deeply hurt on being banned from entering Pune commune for being destructive to the commune and Osho's vision in India. Out of anger and jealousy they started a campaign against Osho Commune, Pune and the sannyasins who were managing the same.

They, of course, have to use Osho's name and His words for this purpose. They started publishing new magazine Osho World and launched their own website This was good so far as spreading the message of Osho was concerned. Their efforts in this respect are commendable. But the intentions behind all this were like that of Mother Teresa. They are doing this all to show that they are the true representatives of Osho and His movement for the birth of a New Man. They are working against the rebellious spirit of Osho's Vision:

  1. By spreading their idea that they are the true representatives of Osho and His message and that Osho International and Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune is being mismanaged to spoil Osho's legacy. Whereas what they are saying is all wrong. It needs unbiased eyes to see that everything in Pune commune is according to the vision of Osho.
  2. By spreading lies that there are no registered Trade Marks of Osho and No Copyrights of Osho's works. By doing so they are promoting the infringement of Osho Copyrights which will lead to dilution of His vision and make it vulnerable for interpolation and miss-use.
  3. By instigating other sannyasins to raise disputes and file false court cases in connection with OSHO Trade Marks and Copy Rights to harm Osho Work.
  4. By spreading lies that Pune commune is not now a suitable place for meditation because according to them it has become a business centre.
  5. By performing Sannyas rituals which were stopped by Osho because these were giving birth to Gurudom and hierarchy among sannyasins.
  6. By promoting hierarchy among sannyasins between Old Sannyasin and New Sannyasins, more meditative and less meditative sannyasins, between teachers and taught and leaders and the led. Osho Vision is against such discrimination. This all create inferiority and superiority complexes which is anti- meditation.
  7. By giving special image for those who conduct meditation camps which is the genesis of Gurudom. Thus Osho Work has become a missionary work and their Meditation Camp Conductors ( Sanchalaks) as missionaries. Osho hates the word missionary.
  8. By making Osho Vision a religion at par with all other so called religions; whereas Osho Vision in actuality is a scientific experiment to raise the consciousness of man.
  9. By following and highlighting all that Osho had said before going to America which could be used to create Gurudom; and altogether ignoring that which Osho had said in America and subsequently in which Osho had said that whatever he had said earlier and falls against what He is saying now, may be treated as dead.
  10. By compromising and honoring the politicians which Osho has termed as mafia of the soul. Now hereunder we are going to little elaborate the above points to make these more clear and obvious to the readers:-

The First Point: The man who has experienced the state of No-Mind only is the true representative of Osho and His vision, not the people who are engaged in spreading his message. They, of course are doing good work, but their role in Osho's work is just like a Postman and nothing more. And there is nothing great in it to brag about. The man who has a little experience of meditation and experienced that ego is the first and the last barrier for enlightenment and whose arrow of consciousness is directed towards himself and not towards others, until it reaches to the centre of his being; he only has the right to say that he represents Osho. It is another matter that such person will not make any claim. But many Osho sannyasins, who of course, are old sannyasins and had some opportunity of being near to Him doing any of His work, thought that by way of that they have become true representatives of Osho and His vision. Osho World Foundation supports this idea because all its associates were sometime near to Osho and doing His work. They have that hangover. Being near to Osho really means being near to oneself, near to one's being.

Osho World Foundation has been spreading the idea that spreading his words and teaching techniques of His meditations only is working for Osho. The real work of Osho starts with oneself – the work on oneself. Work upon oneself is primary and working for Osho by spreading His message is secondary. This is the real work. But now the position is upside down.

"You have to remember that no matter how involved you become in this work; it is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that bliss and light descends in your life. If you have that, you will be able to share. If you don't have that, you will not be able to share."

"What will he get by selling Gita Pravachen – Vinoba's book? Or if I take Gita Pravachan away from him and instead give him our Perfect Way or Seeds of Wisdom and ask him to go around selling them from village to village for ten years, what will that do for him?' "So the seeker becomes first, his being a worker is absolutely secondary. And if you have to lose one of the two, let go of being a worker, not of being a seeker."

"You will find many people ready to work immediately, but remember: only if doing takes from the centre of no-doing is it meaningful, only then is it spiritual; otherwise not. The centre that we are going to create is for teaching non-doing. So don't let it happen that you become just a worker. Then the whole point is lost. What would be accomplished through building such a centre? It would be futile, it would have no value."

(Work is: Love Made Visible)

But sannyasins like Swami Chaitannya Keerti think, "For a disciple the work of his Master is above all, to surrender to him is his whole 'sadhana', that only is his 'samadhi', his achievement." This is contrary to what Osho says, "I do not teach surrender, I teach Meditation."

But it is seen that the people who have read Osho's books and learned the techniques of his meditations are on the run to spread the message and teach meditation techniques. Little they think about themselves, whether they have experienced something which will help them facing death, and which they can share with others. They have altogether forgotten Osho's words that whatever an unconscious man or man asleep does is wrong. All actions of an unconscious man nourish his ego, Osho's work included.

"Each fiction needs nourishment. That's why you want to do something; only then can you proclaim that you are somebody. And you want to do something in the best way possible, because it is through your doing that you are going to reach the heights of your ego."

So according to Osho's vision, before doing anything else, even Osho's work, one should concentrate on single point to awaken himself. One's experience of meditation or No-Mind will radiate all around touching other hearts. That will be the real work of Osho. That man will be true representative of Osho.

"Just be yourself, utterly yourself. And never think in terms of how you can help my vision to happen in the world, because that's what makes a missionary – and I am against missionaries. They are the poisoners. Their intention is good, they want to spread something which they feel is immensely valuable, but a missionary does not know that what he is trying to spread is not his own experience. So I would like to make it clear that you just be yourself, and that will be the way of spreading my message to people, because that's my message – to be yourself authentically, sincerely. It is not a question of saying something to somebody; it is a question of being somebody in a way that the vision radiates from you..."

(Quotation from discourse dated 31-12-1985)

It is surprising why most of the sannyasins are so much interested in Osho's work rather than awakening themselves. There must be something attractive in it. The attraction is in being masters, Gurus, teachers and leaders. They cannot be in the limelight being only meditators. The sleep is very deep and awakening is not easy; one has to risk everything in life. If you are only a meditator employing your all energies and time for meditation, to awaken, nobody will recognize you; nobody will know you; nobody will come to interview you; nobody will publish your photo in the magazine or newspapers and you yourself also will not like any publicity. By becoming a leader of a group of meditators and training them for experimenting with some meditation technique, one gets distinction and becomes somebody special higher than others. Actually these are the people who are spoiling Osho's legacy.

"Effort to be known comes from the ego, because ego cannot exist when you are unknown, it exists only when you are known. It exists, feeds, when people look at you, when they pay attention to you, when you are somebody important, significant."

The Empty Boat # 2)

Nobody will like to live such an anonymous life. By running a Commune or Meditation Centre and being Shivir Sanchalak or Meditation Camp Conductor one becomes leader, higher than others. And by being so many people come in contact with him who support his highness. By and by such leader as well as his supporters starts treating him as enlightened or at least 'almost enlightened'. This is the short cut to call oneself enlightened and being master of others. These are only the tricks of the mind. One does not want to pay the cost that is why enlightenment appears to be a distant dream.

We have been visiting Osho International Meditation Resort for the last forty years with our friends. We have never seen anything there which was being done or propagated and which was against Osho's vision. Whatever changes have been made in the past were in accordance with Osho's ideas and to keep His message free from any dead tradition or dogma and at the same time always keep it contemporary. It is wrong on the part of Osho World Foundation to say that the people who are managing Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune are spoiling Osho's legacy. On the contrary, however extensive work Osho World Foundation has been doing was with the single intention to destroy Pune commune; to destroy the purity and rebellious spirit of Osho's vision. However, this will be hard for most of Osho's friends to believe.

The Second Point: Osho World Foundation has been against Osho Trademarks and Copyrights for last more than twelve years. It has been doing everything to destroy the same. We have written enough in our chapter " OSHO WORLD FOUNDATION, NEW DELHI, INDIA: Spreading lies about Osho Trademarks and Copyrights." Here we want to repeat that Trademarks and Copyrights are not new invention of Osho International Foundation, Zuric, Switzerland.

Trade Marks and Copyrights are of most importance to preserve and protect any original work in the field of science and technology, religion and philosophy, art and literature including audio or visual works (may be in form of software or hardware). These are the rights of the creators of these works to protect their works from interpolation, alteration and misrepresentation by any other person out of greed for money or power or prestige. Such actions amount to infringement of Trade Marks and Copyright laws.

Without Trade Marks and Copyrights of all works of Osho in the form of His discourses, videos , books and arts will be left open in the hands of so called religious leaders and politicians who were offended because Osho has called them as' mafia of the soul of man' to dilute them. Without such rights these will be left open to them to destroy the rebelliousness of His vision by deleting all that which is against their vested interests and add all that which goes in favor of 'priests and politicians nexus'. Such nexus has been exploiting the humanity for thousands of years.

Osho has been fighting against the exploitation of organized religions in His whole life. The nexus of religious leaders and politicians, irrespective of their religious or political affiliation, will in the absence of Osho Trade Marks and Copyrights, be able to cause such immense harm to Osho's work as even U.S. government with all its material power could not cause.

Under these circumstances, now the question is not with whom these Trade Marks and Copyrights are vested, the question is that these should exist. It is the responsibility of every Osho lovers to first know what is the meaning and significance of Trade Marks and Copyrights of any work. Then they should decide out of their own wisdom and understanding whether to support or object Osho's Trade Marks and Copyrights. They should not act being impressed by the false propaganda being done by the so called Osho Friends International. Behind these so called Osho Friends International are those few so called old Indian sannyasins who left Osho Commune, Pune finding that in the changed situations there, there was no way to remain in the limelight and nourish their ego.

Copyrights of all Osho's discourses and books published transcribing them had existed since His first book was published or first audio cassette of His discourses was released for sale sometimes in sixties. These copy rights since then were being used by various organizations from time to time under the guidance of Osho himself. One cannot find any book published or cassette or compact disc containing Osho's words which was available in the market for sale and which display Osho himself as the copyright owner. However, all of Osho's books published until the year 2001 contained the notice of some legal organization like, Jeevan Jagriti Kendra, Neo-Sannyas International, Rajneesh Foundation or Osho International Foundation. This all cannot be without the knowledge and guidance of Osho. This was all happening out of mutual love, trust and confidence between Osho and His sannyasins who were actively involved in his work. To raise doubts about such decisions and that too by Osho's own disciples shows that they could not understand their master and his working. And to take such matter into courts for legal battle reveals their greed and jealousy and lack of intelligence.

Why this dispute on Osho Trade Mark and Osho Copyrights has arisen? The roots of this dispute lie in the differences among the Indian Old sannyasins and Western sannyasins. How these differences arose and came in the open has been explained in our link 'INDIAN SANNYASINS AND FOREIGN SANNYASINS SYNDROME'. The so called old Indian sannyasins were against any change in the Osho work including running Osho Commune, Pune. They wanted to stick to the all old systems and wanted to maintain the status co. For instance they did not want to make any change in the design and style of Osho Times Magazine, Changes in the designs of new books and other periodicals which were needed to keep pace with the changing circumstances and new needs to avoid Osho vision fall in the main stream of other religions. They did not want any change in sannyas initiation ritual which had become a tradition and bringing in sense of Gurudom. With such ritual the person giving initiation was inevitably becoming a middle man between Osho and the new sannyasins. It was also creating a sense of subtle ego in the person who used to initiate sannyas. The use of Mala had already been stopped by Osho himself. But these Indian sannyasins were not ready to accept these changes.

The greatest blow to them was the idea 'OSHO AS A VISION, NOT AS A MAN'. This they could not digest because of their morbid attachment to "OSHO AS A MAN". The concept "OSHO AS A MAN" had no support from Osho's Vision. Therefore these so called old sannyasins could not convince other members of Inner Circle. Now there were two options with them – either to go with the majority decision or to leave the Inner Circle. They, therefore, decided to leave the Inner Circle. Now there were two further options with them – either they should remain in Osho Commune, Pune and continue to do whatever new jobs were assigned to them there or to leave the Commune also. As they were holding important jobs there, therefore, it was below their dignity and pride to hold the jobs not so important; they decided to leave the commune also. This prompted them to do what they are doing now. Their first attack was to destroy Pune commune and disrepute the sannyasins running the same. The second attack they made to block the financial sources of Pune commune by infringing the Trademarks and Copyrights of Osho and His works.

In respect of Trademarks and Copyrights, Osho International Foundation has also clarified that Osho Trademarks and Copyrights were brought in with the instructions of Osh Himself to protect his works. The same is reproduced as under:-

"On the contrary, it would be offensive and against public policy and morality to place the OSHO trade mark into the public domain because this will result in unscrupulous parties attempting to take advantage of the well-known brand name for their financial gain. For example, if the Registration is cancelled, a third party could start up a meditation centre offering OSHO branded meditations which were harmful to the user of the service, or otherwise lacking the quality of a genuine OSHO meditation offered under controlled licensed use."

"It has been established that, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh was not against business, media, press offices, foundations or Intellectual Property protection as suggested by the Applicant. This is evident by the fact that there exists written proof of a foundation, legal secretary, a personal lawyer and an international secretary to assist Rajneesh in his branding projects. The fact that his talks were recorded on both audio and video emphasize the fact that in 1989 during the name change exercise, he was preparing for the media age. He began his own publishing operations and was involved in re-branding exercises, he encouraged the international licensing of his works and authorized action to be taken against those using any works without consent."

"The name OSHO is and has always been a trade mark in relation to meditation services and education relating to meditation and related goods and services. As soon as Rajneesh changed his name in 1989, actions were taken with the full authorization, control and acknowledgement of Osho to re-brand the meditation services and instruction relating thereto, as well as all of the publishing and video works. The OSHO mark was never just a name: it was always a trade mark and has always been treated as a trade mark by the Registered Proprietor and recognized as such by its extensive network of licensees".

"So the greatest work for sannyasins is to keep the message pure, unpolluted by you or by others –and wait."

"The future is bound to be more receptive, more welcoming. We may not be here but we can manage to change the consciousness for centuries to come."

"And my interest is not only in this humanity; my interest is in humanity as such. Keep the message pure, twenty-four carat gold."

(Sermons in Stones #12)

The works of Osho i.e. His audio discourses, His videos, Books, Photos and Arts all require protection of Trade Marks and Copyrights to preserve their originality and secure from misrepresentation by any other person. These are of most importance to protect Osho lovers around the world from cheating in the name of Osho:

If your want to be sure that the books of Osho you are reading contains only the material from His discourses with proper context,

that the Osho Meditation Music you are using is the same as has been prepared in the direct guidance of Osho

that none of his works are represented/claimed by any other person as his own works and copied, printed and sold as such;

that any person out of greed for money, name and fame does not exploit you by selling books which have been purported to have been written by Osho but actually written by some agent of Christian Priest, Hindu Shankaracharya or some politician to whom Osho had been exposing;

Then never support those persons and organizations which are against Osho Trademarks and Copyrights.

The Third Point:- For elaboration of our above point about disputes raised by the agents of Osho World Foundation, please click "OSHO FRIENDS INTERNATIONAL, NEW DELHI, INDIA: These friends proved more harmful to Osho's work than enemies."

The Fourth Point: Keeping in view the facilities and their standard being provided by the management of Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune, the charges fixed for the same are most reasonable as compare to the rates of services and commodities that prevail in Pune. The most interesting and praiseworthy point that we noted there in this connection was the increased charges for entry fixed for foreigners. This seems because of the high value of the foreign currencies in India. Further, the entry fee was not the same for whole of the year. The rates for the same are half during summer season when the inflow of foreign sannyasins is comparatively low. This is also commendable. As regards books of Osho, at present Osho Media International is publishing the books. As has always been the practice adopted in the past, these books are being sold at cost price on whole sale as well as on retail basis. Therefore, this cannot be termed as business. It is called act of charity.

On the other hand the same books purchased by Osho World Foundation are being sold on double the price on which these are purchased from Osho Media International. It means Osho World Foundation is earning 100% profit on the books purchased. As regards books being published by Osho World Foundation by infringing the Osho Copyrights, these are being sold on full market rates as other books are sold. In view of this who is carrying on business? Who is the businessman? Readers should reply for themselves.

As regards place of meditation, in our view, if we consider the teachings and vision of Osho in proper perspective, Osho International Meditation Resort is the most ideal place and very conducive for meditation and relaxation. Osho is very much alive there. Any receptive and sensitive person can feel it. To make propaganda that that place has become a business centre now , therefore, is not a ideal place for meditation is the outcome of anger and jealousy of the sannyasins who got themselves banned and now barred to participate there.


The Fifth Point: As regards Sannyas initiation tradition being maintained by Osho World Foundation and its associates, we request our readers to click our link to the chapter "TRADITIONAL OSHO SANNYAS INITIATION RITUAL: Genesis of Gurudom".

The Sixth Point: Hierarchy has no place in Osho's vision. This is the domain of politics. We have been to Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune and were amazed seeing that there was no hierarchy. Even the Chairman of Inner Circle as well as its members were found standing in the line for their food and security checks for entry to the meditation hall. It was very difficult to recognize who is who there. The people who were doing the jobs for conducting meditation and providing any type of guidance for meditation etc. were not special. Actually the role of meditation facilitator was almost rendered to zero. Nobody was depicted as more meditative or less meditative, senior or junior, higher or lower and everyone was doing the work assigned to him as if he was doing some work at his home. Those who were providing guidance were sitting with others as an ordinary men and their ordinariness was being reflected from what they were saying or doing. In short there was no one sitting on some podium or on high pedestal giving sermons to others.

Contrary to the working of Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune, one can see the supporters of Osho World Foundation delivering sermons as substitute for Osho and his audio and video discourses. This is against the wishes of Osho. He had advised the members of Inner Circle to provide best facilities for people to meditate and also make available his words to them. But nobody needs to preach or give sermons. This he said because he knew that in future, after him, the scholars and articulate people will try to become masters by preaching and giving sermons repeating his words like priests.

Most interesting point that we noted in Pune resort was that nobody was interested in giving himself publicity. Otherwise also we have not seen any interview with photos of any of the sannyasins who have dedicated their whole life for Osho's work. On the other hand every person associated with Osho World Foundation gets vide publicity in Osho World Magazines and in for whatever he has been doing concerning Osho work. It seems they are involved in Osho's work for seeking publicity and reputation only. And this is the truth also; they have now become masters without enlightenment.

The Seventh Point:- If one goes place to place contacting people and providing them some ideas and convincing them that by following the same they will be benefitted, makes one a missionary. These people by doing so inevitably form an image of being a special person more learned and more religious as compared to the ordinary masses. This special image makes a leader or in religious terms a Guru or master. But actually he is not Guru or master but a teacher, because whatever he is preaching has not come out of his own experience.

Osho has been explaining again and again that the sannyasins who are engaged in his work, spreading his message and teaching meditation techniques to people should not think themselves as special. And the people who are learning from them some meditation should not give them a special image i.e. an image of a leader or higher to them. This practice will promote hierarchy and create superiority complex in such teacher and inferiority complex in the taught. This is against the rebellious spirit of Osho's vision. As we have said in our above sixth point, the Osho World Foundation is making every efforts to give vide publicity to its meditation camp conductors and those who have become preachers and delivering sermons. This can be seen in their magazines and website. They are posing the old sannyasins as special and higher than others and more meditative which is betrayal of Osho. Read what Osho says about this practice among sannyasins:


A: "There is not much difficulty in it. Simply drop the whole idea. I am teaching you every day that there is nothing higher, nothing lower. It is simply man's ego creating if not money, if not politics, then meditation. The ego can exploit any situation, but it will play the same game. One is higher in meditation; the other is lower in meditation. One is an older sannyasin, senior -- as if it is a government bureaucracy -- and the other one is a new fellow. You can tolerate him, but he is not to be considered much, not to be taken seriously. It is the same ego, you just have to watch. It is the same ego. Whenever it creates any comparison and brings the qualities of higher and lower and judgments, immediately cut its head, then and there. Take a deep breath and drop it. Exhale it! And it is only a question of a few days and the wrong habit disappears. It is only a wrong habit, nothing to be worried about, a hangover from the old society where everything is compared; everything is put in a certain hierarchic system. You have come from the old society with much junk from the old society within you. Be alert and go on cleansing yourself of the old, of the past, of all you have brought with you. Become emptier, become cleaner. And it feels so beautiful. It feels so ecstatic that I can only be silent about it. I cannot say anything about it."

The Eighth Point: Osho's vision is basically rebellion against all organized religions. All organized religions are based on belief system. But Osho's vision is not based on any belief system. It is a scientific experiment to explore the inner mysteries of man. Therefore, Osho meditation centers should function not like temples/mosques or churches but as scientific laboratories. The participants are scientists of the inner world. They need not to depend on any other person or group for practicing meditation techniques. Osho Meditation techniques need instructions but no guides. If guides are there, they should function in such a way that nobody feels to have received any guidance from them. In case this is not possible for any guide of meditation, then he needs not to provide any guidance. This is also different from a scientific organization. Here guide and guided are not different. This makes the guide disappear. They are fellow travelers. This is the most rebellious insight of Osho's vision. This , if followed sincerely, will close all doors for Gurudom.

"Gayan, the most important thing in spiritual guidance is that it should not be direct. The guided should not feel he is being guided. Whenever guidance is direct it brings a kind of slavery; the guided becomes dependent on the guide."

"But to guide indirectly is very difficult. It is a kind of persuasion where the guided cannot feel at all that he is being told to do this, to do that. He is simply being given indications, with such love, that he likes to go in those directions in those moments. And he becomes aware that he has been guided on each step – carefully guided – but only when he has reached."

Transmission of the Lamp # 4)

With the guides enters priesthood in the religion. In Osho sannyasins the Meditation Camp Conductors ( Sanchalaks) with their active and direct guidance are on the path of becoming the priests of Osho's vision. Osho sannyasins adoring and honoring them as other religions adore and honor their god men, priests, gurus and mahatmas. This will prove harmful to the rebellious spirit of Osho's vision. Such practice will also dilute Osho's message and bring it at par with other so called religions against Osho has been speaking in whole of His life.

So the greatest work for sannyasins is to keep the message pure, unpolluted by you or by others – and wait.
The future is bound to be more receptive, more welcoming."

"Keep the message pure, twenty-four carat gold."

(The Sermons in Stones # 12)

The Ninth Point: Osho World Foundation and its associates are being selective in spreading the words of Osho in their website and magazines. They publish Osho's ideas on love, compassion, trust, gratitude, surrender, prayer, worship, Osho's work, Meditation, conducting Osho meditation camps, Osho sannyas initiation, hierarchy, master and disciple, relationships, raising communes and starting meditation centers etc. which Osho had expressed in the discourses delivered before going to America. Osho's ideas on these subjects had been progressed and passed through great revolution during the period after the gap of silence of about three years.

In America and afterwards Osho deleted many things and added many things in these topics making them more scientific and rebellious. This all appears to have been done keeping in view the future when His own sannyasins may start exploiting the other sannyasins for power, prestige and money; start miss-interpreting his words to become masters; start becoming preachers and giving sermons repeating Osho's words having no support of their own experience of enlightenment or meditation. They only know Osho's words and techniques of His meditations.

"For three years I remained silent, just to give a gap so people forget all about what I said before those three years, and I can start from the very beginning again. So don't quote anything from my books. Those days are dead – those books are dead."

The Last Testament Vol. I # 21)

During this period Osho's words against organized religions and politicians were more fiery and direct. Osho World Foundation deliberately avoided to publish Osho's these more rebellious ideas just not to displease the priests and politicians. These people still stick to the concepts which had become out of date or were deleted or changed by Osho himself. The reason behind this was to protect their vested interests i.e. their interest to establish Gurudom and hierarchy among Osho sannyasins and to reduce this great scientific experiment to the domain of religion at par with other organized religions and thereby destroy its rebellious spirit.

Most of the material in the pre-America period can be used to support the Gurudom and hierarchy among Osho disciples. However there is much in those books which is most useful for the meditators and seekers of the Truth. But nothing of the sort is possible with what Osho said in the second period. This is the reason why Osho World Foundation is not giving any publicity to the discourses delivered by Osho in America and subsequent period.

The Tenth Point:

"If you want to fit with the world you have to compromise, and all compromise is wrong. It is ugly, it is unspiritual, it is against your own self. All compromise, without exception, degrades your humanity, humiliates you."

"The man of no compromise has integrity. You can kill him but you cannot kill his spirit. You can destroy him but you cannot destroy his vision, his truth."

"And in a good world, in a better world, in a more human world, this should be one of the best qualities of man: not to compromise. Those who are ready to compromise will not be counted as human beings, but as cattle."

(The Osho Upanishad # 5)

During the years when Murarji Desai was Prime Minister of India, it is well known fact that he tried his best to destroy Osho Commune, Pune. His government did everything also to stop its expansion.

When Shri Lal Krishan Advani and Shri Atal Behari Bajpai were cabinet ministers under Morarji Desai, few television teams from England and Austrelia wanted to make a documentary film on Osho and His Pune Ashram. Shri Lal Krishan Advani refused to give them permission to do so on the ground that Osho and His Pune ashram will not depict true image of India. In response to the same Osho in the discourse had replied that He and His ashram was part of India and any documentary excluding the same will not depict true image of India. Osho had asked Shri Lal Krishan Advani, " Does urine drinking prime minister depict true image of India?" These ministers were also instrumental in harming the Ashram and its activities. It is during this period that Osho had declared that he will get a board fixed at the gate of his ashram in Pune" "Politicians and dogs are not allowed."

Osho World Foundation, New Delhi and Osho Friends International, New Delhi have been honoring these same politicians and welcoming them by showering flowers on them. They either have forgotten their role or have now compromised with them to seek their support. This rebelliousness of Osho's vision – the rebellion against priests and politicians is one of the foundations of Osho's vision. This cannot be compromised with at any cost. And honoring politicians who once tried to harm Osho's work and that too just to seek their support for their vested interests is simply shameful. Osho's vision is against any compromise and to compromise with politicians is simply ugly.

[Note: All Osho's above quotations are under copyright of Osho International Foundation.]

Osho Friends Trust, Solan, H.P. India

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