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A place where Osho Vision is lived 'as it is' and the same is reflected in everything there

The 40 acre meditation resort is located about 100 miles southeast of Mumbai ( Bombay), in Pune, India, in a tree-lined residential area set against a backdrop of bamboo groves and wild jasmine, peacocks and waterfalls. Every year the OSHO International Meditation Resort welcomes thousands of people from over 100 countries who come to enjoy a holiday in an atmosphere of meditation and celebration.

It is the place which supports no Gurudom and hierarchy.
Every one exists as a free unique individual without any sense of higher or lower.
It is the place where every type of guidance for understanding and practice Osho Meditations is provided but nobody is a guide or leader.
Here Master and Disciple relationship is considered a spiritual slavery but still the people have immense love and reverence for their Master Osho.
In this sense this place is unique in the world for the development of human consciousness.

The basis approach of the meditation resort is that of Zorba the Buddha: living in awareness, with a capacity to celebrate everything in life. Many visitors come to just be, to allow themselves the luxury of doing nothing. Others choose to participate in a wide variety of courses and sessions that support moving toward a more joyous and less stressful life by combining methods of self-understanding with awareness techniques. These courses are offered through OSHO Multiversity and take place in a pyramid complex next to the famous OSHO Teerth Park.

You can chose to practice various meditation methods, both active and passive, from a daily schedule that begins at six o'clock in the morning. Each evening there is meditation event that moves from dance to silent sitting, using Osho's recorded talks as an opportunity to experience inner silence without effort. The facilities include tennis courts, a gym, sauna, Jacuzzi, a nature-shaped Olympic-sized swimming pool, classes in Zen archery, tai chi, chi gong, yoga and multitude of bodywork sessions.

The kitchen serves international gourmet vegetarian meals, made with organically grown produce, The nightlife is alive with friends dining under the stars, with music and dancing. Make online bookings for accommodation at the new OSHO Guesthouse inside the meditation resort through the website below or drop us an email at Take an online tour of the meditation resort, and access travel and program information at:

The daily meditation schedule may include:

OSHO Dynamic Meditation: A technique designed to release tensions and repressed emotions, opening the way to a new vitality and an experience of profound silence.

OSHO Kundalini Meditation: A technique of shaking free one's dormant energies, and through spontaneous dance and silent sitting, allowing these energies to be redirected inward.

OSHO Nadabrahma Meditation: A method of harmonizing one's energy flow, based on an ancient Tibetan humming technique.

OSHO Natraj Meditation: A method involving the inner alchemy of dancing so totally that the dancer disappears and only the dance remains.

Vipassana Meditation: A technique originating with Gautama Buddha and now updated for the Twenty First Century, for dissolving mental chatter through the awareness of breath.

OSHO No Dimension Meditation : A powerful method for centering one's energy, based on a Sufi technique.

OSHO Gaurishankar Meditation: A one-hour night-time meditation, which includes a breathing technique, gazing softly at a light, and gentle body movements.

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