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MA YOGA NEELAM , Ex-Secretary, as per

Ma Neelam Met Osho for the first time in 1969 during Osho’s visit to Ludhiana after which her inner journey and love affair with Osho and his work blossomed. In 1972, Osho Himself initiated her in Sannyas after which she regularly visited the Pune ashram until 1981. When Osho left for USA, she also stayed four years from 1982 to 1985 in Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, USA in His commune.

She came with Osho back to India in Nov. 1985 and was then appointed by Him as His Personal Secretary for India and when Osho came back to His commune in Pune, Ma Neelam continued to work  as his secretary, taking care of His work in India. Osho appointed her as Member of Inner circle and when He left his body in 1990, she continued staying in the commune in Pune until 1999 doing the work given to her by Osho.  From 1996 to 1999, each year she went to eight different countries of Europe to lead meditation events until when left the commune in 1999. Since then she has been extensively touring across the length and breadth of India conducting meditation camps and lovingly sharing her insights gained from being with Osho.

As asked by Osho himself on many occasions, she has been intensely involved in creating an oasis for fellow travelers in the Himalayas. Osho Nisarga, Dharamshala, is the result of that effort and the longing to create and share space where seekers may go deeper within with commitment for self growth with spirit of joy and celebration.
In answer  to a question from Ma Yoga Neelam in 1976, Osho said,” I have known her long enough, not only in this life but in other lives also. Her path is certain, that it is of love. Through love she is going to achieve. Through love she is going to be. Her direction is absolutely clear. Love is her meditation."


“That’s why I said the way of the heart is beautiful but dangerous.
The other side of love is hate; the other side of love is jealousy. So if a woman gets caught into
hate and jealousy, all the beauty of love dies and she is left only with poisons in her hands. She will poison herself and she will poison everybody who is around.

To be loving one has to be more alert because you can fall into the ditch of hate which is just very close by. Every peak of love is very close; the dark valley of hate is surrounding the peak from everywhere – you can slip very easily.

Perhaps that is the reason many women decide not to love. Perhaps that is the reason man has
decided to live in the head and forget all about the heart... because it is so sensitive, it feels hurt
very easily, its moods change just like the climate changing. One who really wants to learn the art of love has to remember all of these things, and has to save his love from falling into all these ditches of hatred, jealously; otherwise, going to the being will become impossible – more impossible than it is from the head.
The woman has to drop jealousy, she has to drop hatred”.

(Socrates Poisoned Again…# 21)

MA YOGA NEELAM, Ex-Secretary ,as per

"She thinks she knows better than everyone, including me. She is a stubborn type. She has forgotten who is the master and who is a secretary."     OSHO

"Neelam was not privy to Osho at all during the nine months he was laying out his plans for the expansion of the Commune and the international work. He had dropped her from the regular afternoon meetings with his secretaries more than one year before he left the body. She continued to be his secretary for India, but had to pass all her work through me, even the work connected with the Hindi publications. I know that this was very difficult for her to accept. She asked to see Osho a number of times, through me and through his caretaker Shunyo, but his answer was always no.

"In light of the fact that I have no formal position in any of the organizations involved in Osho's work, I am surprised Neelam claims I am one of the in-charge. I know she was jealous of me, because Osho used to invite me to all his meals, and spend hours talking with me in the evenings after the discourse. I was informed that the first words she uttered on being told Osho had left the body, were, 'Was Anando there?' And because Osho left me as his medium, it made it very difficult for her to play the 'mataji' role she so clearly aspires to."



There is a campaign in the media to convince people that something is wrong at Osho's thriving Commune in Pune, something wrong with the people Osho chose to be responsible for his work, and something wrong with the direction of that work.

Behind these allegations is Ma Neelam, along with her consort, Sw. Tathagat. Till recently their strategy was simple. Ma Neelam pretends that she has been personally informed by Osho of his wishes for his work and is therefore someone whose opinion on this can be trusted. She remains silent in public, but below the surface makes sure that everyone knows she thinks Osho's wishes are not being respected. Tathagat, who has no credibility in the sannyasin community, trades on Ma Neelam's deceptions to spread lies and distortions to the media and government bodies.

Eventually, the Commune Management Team had no alternative but to inform the Osho Meditation Centers in India. Now that these centers know Ma Neelam's credibility is a lie, she has been forced to "break her year-long silence" and try her luck with the general public and the government.

The essential point is that Ma Neelam has gone to great trouble over many years to deceive people into thinking that she was a long time on-going confidant of Osho until he left his body – someone who was "specially close" to Osho, and who naturally must know the facts.

In reality, she was Osho's secretary for India for just 3 ½ years, the last year of which Osho dropped her from the daily secretarial work with him. This meant that she was not present at all while he was making the plans and preparations for his work after he was gone. The reason Osho gave for dropping her was, "She thinks she knows better than everyone, including me. She is a stubborn type. She has forgotten who is the master and who is a secretary."

Despite being specifically excluded from any direct guidance from Osho about his wishes for the future direction of his work, Ma Neelam is insisting that she knows better than the people Osho actually worked on these plans with.

As Osho explains it, rather than admit her anger towards Osho at being dropped from her function, she attacks those who were entrusted by her Master with his work. Her ignorance about Osho's work is clear when one compares her false allegations with the facts outlined below.

She has now convinced her close friend, Swami Chaitanya Keerti – in spite of Keerti's admission that he was not aware that Osho had dropped Ma Neelam. Ironically, media contacts which were originally made by Keerti on behalf of the Commune, are now being used by him to attack the Commune. As a result, misinformation is being published while the correct facts are not. Hence we have no alternative but to take this page to present these facts


The origins of these allegations finally became public on June 20th in Ma Neelam's Indian Express interview, where she acknowledged that she has been in conflict with the direction of Osho's work from the time shortly after his leaving the body.

Since she was not seeing Osho in that vital nine months when he set out his agenda for the continuation of his work after he left the body, she has no direct information about his wishes. She has never accepted any decisions he made after he stopped seeing her.

Osho made it clear he has no successor, and on the contrary proposed that all his people be ordinary, without any spiritual hierarchy. This was in conflict with Ma Neelam's idea that she was in some way special. She invented a whole mythology around herself to support this. She told people that Osho had made her the "Queen of his empire," and that the Inner Circle had been created essentially to support her work. Anyone who has been a part of the Inner Circle knows this to be false.

Even today, she declares that she is Osho's personal secretary, when she knows this is not true. She says she has been "close" to Osho for 30 years, to give weight to the idea that she is informed about his work.

The facts speak otherwise. She was an occasional visitor to the Osho Commune during the 70's, and only became involved in Osho's work when she started helping in the kitchen at the commune in the USA in 1982. For three brief periods in '86/early '87 she took care of Osho in the absence of his regular caretaker. She was one of the group of secretaries who visited Osho in the afternoons from 1987 till the latter part of 1988, after which she was dropped from these visits because, Osho said, she was stubborn and thought she knew better.

Osho did not make her "the queen," nor select her for any special "successor" role, nor make any mention of her on his last day, nor leave her any memento as he did with some others.

So first she makes every effort to conceal the fact that she was not involved in those final preparations for Osho's work. Then she has the stunning audacity to travel the country, deceiving people about her "special" status, and passing judgment, not only on those particular instructions about which she naturally is not informed, but also on the people to whom those instructions were entrusted by her Master. And in this latest act, she is now doing her best to destroy her Master's work in this country, confirming that she still thinks she knows better.


With his characteristic insight into the unconscious of us all, Osho warned about the difficulty for ex-secretaries to get over being dropped from the secretarial function. He explains that a secretary's ego is very happy to be called to see him for this work and gets attached to its idea that it is special. And the ego is always angry with Osho when he decides that they are no longer useful in that function. He explains how these people have always demonstrated their anger and resentment at being dropped by trying to sabotage the work that their replacement has been asked to carry out.

Just as Ma Laxmi, Osho's secretary of the 70's, did this to her successors, and was eventually banned by Osho from the Commune for it, so Ma Sheela did the same, and now, like clockwork, Ma Neelam is repeating the identical pattern.
As Osho explains, when these secretaries are replaced, their egos naturally suffer, but this is an opportunity for them to experience ordinariness. And that the continuing resentment at being dropped always leads to a sense of separation, which is ultimately destructive.
We trust that the people Ma Neelam has deceived, including herself, and others who can influence this sad situation, will stop this destructive campaign. That they will not allow Osho's work – at the very time his vision is being embraced worldwide – to be destroyed in our country, a country that can be proud to have given this world the phenomenon called Osho.


Ma Neelam has been visiting the Commune on and off for the last year, creating the strange situation of using the Commune to meditate on the one hand, and trying to destroy it on the other. After it became clear that this situation had to be addressed, and the Meditation Centers had been informed, the Commune Management Team asked to meet with her. Instead, she called Sw Satya Vedant and refused to meet. He asked her meanwhile to take some time off to meditate at home and to look at what she is doing; and explained that the Management Team was not taking her pass away, but definitely wanted to discuss the situation with her. Ma Neelam then said she would go to the press. As it turned out she was lying – she had already gone to the press the day before, and her interview with the Indian Express came in that very morning's newspaper.

When asked later that day why she was attacking the Commune Ma Neelam replied, "The Commune is dying its natural death. I am doing nothing."

This going to the press creates a whole new situation, invoking a crystal clear directive from Osho that people who are responsible for negative publicity against the Commune are banned until a public apology from them is printed both in the Osho Times and in the publication which printed the original material. Ma Neelam is perfectly aware of this policy. In 1988, it was she who delivered Osho's message banning Ma Laxmi – Osho's secretary for many more years than Ma Neelam – for conducting a divisive campaign which is very similar to the present one. Ma Neelam has the option of accepting her Master's guidance on this. If not she will in essence be banning herself.

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