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Osho Friends International has been promoted by Osho Sannyasins who had left Osho Commune, Pune in the year 2000-01 and subsequently. These sannyasins left the commune because they were not ready to accept any change in the system of managing the Osho Commune, Pune and change in the system of spreading Osho's message in the world i.e. change from 'Osho as Vision not as a Man'. There were difference of opinions between some so called old Indian sannyasins and western sannyasins. For instance Chaitannya Keerti who has been editor of Osho Times for a long period had developed emotional attachment to Osho's form did not want any change in magazine's design and presentation. He wanted full size photo of Osho on the cover of every issue of magazines and books whereas most of the sannyasins want to use many other beautiful pictures of objects available in existence. He wanted to give more space for interviews of Indian sannyasins whereas others wanted to publish in the magazine interviews of sannyasins having talent of international standard. Similar were other minor issues also.

These out going sannyasins had become stagnant and could not keep pace with the change that was taking place in the world of Osho by strictly following His vision. Many of them like Neelam and Keerti were holding important positions in Osho Commune, Pune. When they have to step down from their posts, they became revengeful and harbored jealousy towards those who were looking after Osho work worldwide. Moreover, INDIAN AND FOREIGN OSHO SANNYASINS SYNDROME among few old Indian sannyasins and western sannyasins was hampering the flow of Ganges of Osho's vision. There were arising difference of opinions on everything in the meetings of Inner Circle and Committee managing the Pune commune. But in the base of all this was anger and jealousy in action.

After leaving Pune commune, these Indian sannyasins started a campaign against Osho International Foundation, which has been holding the Trade Marks and Copyrights of Osho's works and against Osho International, which has been engaged in making Osho's words available to the world. This all was being done to destroy Osho Meditation Resort, Pune. They made their own platforms to start a campaign against Poona commune which is now being run by Osho Media and Resorts Pvt. Ltd. This commune is the head quarter of Osho International Foundation which owns the Trade Mark "OSHO' and Copyrights of Osho's works.

The Indian sannyasins who had left Osho Commune, Pune in distress, formed Osho World Foundation and raised a Meditation Centre near Delhi under the banner Osho World Foundation. Swami Chaitanya Kirti who had been editor of Osho Times Pune for a long time, in collaboration with other sannyasins there, started publishing 'Osho World' magazine. An internet Website known as was also started. These were to be used to spread lies about Pune commune and criticize the working of those sannyasins who were running the same. They intentionally started infringing Copyrights of Osho's works and using the trade mark "OSHO" to erode the income sources of Osho International Foundation which also support the Pune commune.. No permission for publication of Osho's words and Photos in the Osho World magazine and using the same in the was obtained from the Osho International Foundation.

They also started copying Osho's audio and video discourses and Osho Meditation music in the form of C.D.s, M.P.3s and DVDs without permission and selling the same in the market for monetary benefits. The other purpose was to make contact with other sannyasins to get their support for their cause. But the main purpose was to undermine the reputation of Pune commune and erode its income sources. This was followed by other sannyasins who had betrayed Osho and His work. Some formed Osho Dhara Foundation; Ma Neelam and Swami Tathagat established Osho Nisarga Meditation Centre, near Dharamshala in H.P. and Swami Narendera Bodhisattva raised his ashram at Dehradun under the name Osho Bodhisattva Commune. To know more about the role of Neelam in destroying Osho Meditation Resort, Pune, go to our chapter on WOMEN WHOSE JEALOUSY TRIED TO DISTROY OSHO COMMUNES.

Creation of Osho Friends International was next step of their distractive campaign. They included some western sannyasins in the above institution by giving wrong information to some sannyasins in USA. They contacted Mr. Vidroha Jamie (James St Clair) who was one of the Directors of an Osho Meditation Centre in Boulder, Colorado and misguided him about the functioning of OIF, Osho International and Osho Meditation Resort, Pune. As a result he with his other friends in USA helped Osho Friends International to file a suit in the court of law against Osho International Foundation to challenge 'Osho' Trade Mark on Osho Meditations. They also gave testimony against OIF in the court. This led to defeat of OIF there which will prove immense harmful to Osho's work in the USA. We are reproducing relevant parts of Mr. Vidroha's letter below for ready reference of the readers:-

Osho Global Connections, Pune and Osho International Foundation Friends,

I am writing this letter of apology to all lovers of Osho and his work. I used to be a Director of an Osho Centre in Boulder Colorado and 1998 as part of Osho International's work to protect Osho's name and to keep his work 24 Karat gold; we were asked to sign the letter of Understanding (LOU), reconfirming our basic understanding and support.

Rather than listening to the reasons for this document put forward by Osho Global Connections and Osho International we decided against signing the LOU because we decided that we should be "neutral". It seems that I did not understand that OIF protects the OSHO mark for all of us involved in the work.

Instead of supporting the people doing the work we did nothing, and in doing noting we ended up actually supporting Neelam and Keerti and Sangeet, the people responsible for bringing a legal action against Osho International Foundation(OIF) in the USA against the registration of the OSHO marks related to the Osho Active Meditations. These same people are also responsible for campaign against the people taking care of the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India as well as the campaign to destroy Osho Copyrights. And my support to them was in spite of the fact that my previous dealing with Osho International I had recognized the existence of that same copyright.

Sangeet and these people convinced one of our Board Members, Ma Jivan Suvarna, to join in their legal action against the Foundation and she even gave testimony against the Foundation and the Inner Circle and its members. Suvarna also joined with sangeet, a former lawyer involved in Osho work, on the board of the VIHA magazine which for years has attacked OIF at every possible turn. I did nothing about this, no objection of any kind.

In addition, as a Director, I supported the use of lawyers to oppose Osho International in its action to defend the Osho Trademarks. By our fence sitting and by refusing to sign the LOU we forced Osho International into a legal action against the Osho Boulder Center adding more expenses and work to an already expensive and time consuming litigation.

Finally, I am embarrassed to say that some eight years later I finally got the point ant OIF, and Osho Global Connections and the Inner Circle are not in any way trying to stop people from doing the Osho Meditations or spreading the Osho vision. On the contrary, as anyone who has walked into any book store can see, never have Osho publications been more available in the world than now. And these people who we failed to support when they needed our support, work round the clock to make this all happen."

Vidroha Jamie ( James St Clair)
Pune, Dated 04-02-2010

By reading the above extract of letter of apology by Vidroha Jamie ( James St. Clair) it becomes clear that Neelam and Keerti were behind bringing legal case against Osho International Foundation. It also becomes clear from the above that they got legal and moral support from resourceful Osho disciples in USA by misguiding them and Osho International Foundation lost the case on OSHO Trademarks of Osho Active Meditations. Because of them now any one can do anything in the name of OSHO in USA. This will immensely harm Osho Vision and Osho Work in America.

We also apprehend that similar case filed against OIF in Germany by Lotus Commune has every support of Osho Friends International or the people who for their anti Osho Meditation Resort activities have banned themselves entering the same commune.

In fact there should have been no dispute on Osho Trademarks and Osho Copyrights. Osho himself has acknowledged the same and also to have assigned these to Organizations of sannyasins during his lifetime. Which is evident from Osho's own following statement:-

"And they are not organizations, they are simply institutes. And their function has become more important now, because for all the languages that books are being translated into, it has to be seen to it that they are not mistranslated – that the translation is right, that it does not harm the spirit of the message.

It is not only a question of copyright; it is a question that I should not be presented in a wrong way – which is possible. Because if they are just earning money, who; cares whether the translation is right or wrong."

(Light On The Path # 28)

"I have not purchased anything from the money produced by the commune because the commune never produced any money. The commune was absorbing money. In fact all my royalties, all my books, all their profits were going to the commune. The situation is just the opposite -- that I had given everything to the commune. Now, four hundred books in different languages were bringing millions of dollars in royalties, and those royalties were going to the commune. If I had wanted to purchase Roll Royces, I could have purchased my own Rolls Royces, as many as I wanted, just out of my royalties."

(Beyond Psychology # 24)

To read more details about Osho Trademarks and Copyrights, please click the link : 'Osho World' Foundation, New Delhi, India Spreading lies about Osho Trademarks and Copyrights.)

These things were settled between Osho and the sannyasins who were carrying on his work and attending to Him in his last months of life in Pune. To doubt the intentions of Osho is to doubt his being a Master more so Master of those who are acting against His wishes. The communications between the Master and disciples who trusted him are based on love and trust not on legal apprehensions. Such legal actions were not expected by Osho particularly from the side of His own sannyasins. This love and trust has been put on test by the so called friends in courts of law which is very unfortunate.

Osho has reminded us again and again to be aware of friends because they may prove more harmful than the enemies. The same has proved true about the so called Osho Friends International, New Delhi, India.

Note: Osho's quotations have copyrights of
Osho International Foundation.

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