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There is no place for bowing down and touching the feet of some person in the Vision of Osho. Such things are against human dignity. No one is higher or lower rather every human being is unique. Osho is against the trend of bowing down and touching someone's feet. His vision does not support such At the same time He is not against bowing, bowing to the whole existence. Osho himself never touched the feet of anyone even in His childhood. This tradition is no longer in practice in Osho Commune, Pune. But the Osho World Group, New Delhi and their facilitators of Gurudom are promoting the same. Perhaps they understand it well that if nobody touches their feet all charm of being a Guru/Leader/Shivir Sanchalak will be lost. It appears they have not read the Book 'Trisha Gayee Ek Boond Se' yet. We are reproducing a relevant extract from the same for their information. In this book a question was asked from Osho as to why He refuses everyone to touch His feet. We give below opening part of the reply from: Trisha Gayen Ek Boond Se Discourse No. 4:

One friend has asked, why I refuse to touch my feet?
"I refuse because if you will touch any one's feet, then you will deprive yourself of touching the feet of that which is in all. There are other feet also which exist everywhere; eyes should be turned towards such feet. The moon and the stars have marks of these feet. The flowers and butterflies also have marks of those feet. The man, the stones also have marks of those feet. The hands should be folded towards those feet which are spread in boundless. There is no need to bow folded hands towards a particular person.

Why? Not because bowing down is bad. Bowing down is excellent. The man who does not know how to bow down is worthless, he has no value. But if you intend to bow down, then bow down to such feet from where you do not have not to get up. Now if you will bow down to my feet, after a minute you will have to stand up and the matter is finished. You bowed down, made un-necessary effort and then stood up. There is no essence in it; there is no meaning in it.

So I say that there are such feet also where you will bow down forever and have not to get up. There is meaning in bowing down to such feet. Bowing down to the feet where you have to get up will be a futile exercise having no meaning."

But I have not refused to bow down; I have refused to bow down to the feet. Don't fall in the miss-understanding that I have refused to bow down. I have refused for un-necessary bowing down (to someone's fee). What is the meaning of bowing down to the feet of any person? There is no meaning. This body is totally like mud. There is no point to bow down to this mud. This is worshipping the mud. In this way bad habits are created. When such person dies, they make a stone statue of him and start bowing down to the same. This sets a wrong habit of bowing down (to some body).

You ask me why I refuse to to bow down and touch my feet.

In that case there is only one way---there is only one way not to refuse you ---that is that you touch my feet and then I touch your feet. Then it will be such troublesome, it will create such inconvenience and there will be no meaning in the same…."

The discourse was in Hindi language. We reproduce complete reply in its original language To See Please Click Here

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