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Spreading lies about Osho Trademarks and Copyrights

More than 700 books, about 10,000 volumes of audio discourse containing perennial wisdom, 1800 volumes of video recordings, to be more correct, Swami Chaitannya Kirti, Editor of Osho World Magazine has kept exact figures of these things which has been claimed before the court as under:

1. 9000 hours of audio discourses
2. 1870 hours of videos.
3. 650 Books
4. 850 Paintings
5. 80,000 books in Osho's library
6. Osho's Signature Arts, Original archives and Meditation music

He is one of the main claimants of Osho's legacy. In case various courts are going to declare 'Osho World' Group, New Delhi as the legal heirs, then certainly they will need these accurate figures to make an inventory while taking over the possession of all these from Osho International Foundation. We hope them good luck mainly to Ma Yoga Neelam and Swami Chaitannya Kirti. After all they have devoted a major part of their life for Osho Work and what they have got? Such a great treasure of intellectual property that too by the most controversial and world-renowned enlightened master! Who will not like to have the legacy of such a man; more so when such enlighten master do not have any attachment with any of these articles except that these are properly preserved as they are and made available to those who want to transform their lives taking guidance from them?

In view of the common human mind, any of the chief disciples of such master is likely to come forward to claim the same. Swami Chaitanya Keerti quotes that Osho has left His legacy to all His sannyasins. But he forgets completely that Osho has nothing material in His possession. He has disclosed this several times in his discourses. What He is talking about is his legacy of enlightenment for which everyone has the right to claim and not on some material things. Secondly Osho's point was that no one will after him sit on his chair as legal heir. But who bothers about what has been the wishes of the Master, what was His dream concerning the people of this world, when there comes a question of power, prestige and money.

Poor Jayesh (Michael O'Byrne). How he can hold intact Osho's dream, which He has left, while claimants of Osho's legacy are hovering over him like vultures to snatch him bit by bit. And Mr. Jayesh on his part, with all his team of members of Inner Circle has been passing through all this as an elephant passes giving no attention to the barking dogs around him. As regards the claim of 'Osho World' Group that Osho has given His legacy to all His sannyasins, we wish Mr. Jayesh to get the same valued in terms of money and make share divisions among all his sannyasins and lovers all over the world. Whatever one or two hundred rupees come in the share of each member of 'Osho World' Group and their Facilitators of Gurudom be given to them. As regards other sannyasins i.e. sannyasins who are nobody special like them (and who are about 99.9999% of total strength), we are sure they will not demand anything. They are grateful for whatever they have got from Osho in their inner world.

As regards the Good Will and Copy Rights and Trade Marks of Osho and His works, certainly the 'Osho World' Group, New Delhi will have their claim for a share out of that too. We wish Osho International Foundation should dedicate one book to each Members of 'Osho World' Group, New Delhi and their 'Facilitators of Gurudom' to publish the same in their names with their full size colored photos on their covers to satisfy their ambitions. However, to sannyasins like Ma Yoga Neelam , Swami Chaitannya Kirti and Swami Tathagat, more books be dedicated as compensation for their services rendered in Osho Commune, Pune for managerial work and editing of books and magazines there. We hope after receiving their respective shares of Osho's Legacy and value of His Copyrights and Trade Marks, they will ask their agents to withdraw all court cases and let themselves as well others to live in peace. However, the Inner Circle should not forget to remind these people Osho's following words which He has said in the similar context in the discourse series 'The Path of the Mystic':

People fight not without reason. Each fight, deep down, is a clash between ambitions, and struggle to achieve the same thing the other is also trying to achieve. Ambition is the source of all fight, all wars.

My people have no ambition. They are not struggling to get anywhere on the ladder of ambition. They are not competitors with each other for anything. So this is a totally different kind of group, where people are not together to fight either amongst themselves or to fight with some other group.

In India it happened... when India became free I was very young, but I used to talk with my father continuously about all kinds of things. My whole family was involved in the freedom struggle; they all have been to jail, they all have suffered. My uncles could not complete their education because just in the middle of the year they were caught and put in jail. After three years they came out, but then it was too late to join again.

I told my father, "To me it seems to be a fallacy that if Mohammedans get a separate land and Hindus get a separate land, and the country is divided... the principle being proposed is that then there will be no fight; otherwise, they are continuously fighting, killing each other."

And he said, "The proposal seems to be sane. If they have their own countries, what is the need to fight?"

I said, "The need to fight is far deeper. If Hindus and Mohammedans are separated, then you will see the Mohammedans are fighting amongst themselves."

There were three problems... Mohammedanism has two sects, Shias and Sunnis, and they are as deadly against each other as they are against any other religion. They kill each other. For fourteen centuries they have been killing each other over a small difference --

whether Mohammed appointed his son as his successor or his son-in-law. One party believes that the son-in-law was appointed. Now no records exist. The other party thinks the son was appointed as the successor, but they don't have any record either. My feeling is that Mohammed died without making anybody a successor. And these two persons, the son-in-law and the son, became ambitious to have the same power, and Mohammedanism got split into two. And they are still fighting over who was the real authentic successor.

But what is the matter? Are you mad? You believe in the same philosophy, right or wrong; you believe in the same morality. And now it does not matter. The son is dead long ago; the son-in-law is also dead.

But those two factions continued growing more and more distant from each other, because the son-in-law appointed his successor, the son appointed his successor. So now there are two successions going on side by side.

Mohammedans were not fighting in India before the division because they had to be together to fight the Hindus. I told my father, "Once they are alone the first thing will be Shia-Sunni fights. And the second thing will be... they are asking a very strange and stupid thing: that half of Pakistan will be on one side of the country, the eastern part, and the other half will be on the other side of the country, the western part -- because these were the heavily Mohammedan population areas.

"So Pakistan will be divided by one thousand miles into two separate fragments. The eastern fragment is Bengali-speaking; they are Mohammedans, but they speak Bengali. The western section speaks Urdu, Punjabi and Sindhi. And soon there is going to be conflict between those people on the question of language, and the Bengalis are going to separate because they are a minority. They can never become the real rulers of Pakistan. It will always be the Punjabis who will rule -- and that the Bengalis cannot tolerate.

"This will be the situation in Pakistan, and in India the situation will be very much multiplied. Hindus were not fighting amongst themselves because they had to fight with Mohammedans. Once Mohammedans are gone the Gujarati will fight with the Maharashtrian" -- and they fought. They killed each other, over a small thing."

Actually there was no need to raise any dispute about Osho's Trade Marks and Copyrights. As far as we know these vested with the Public Charitable institutions since the first publication of Osho's books, may be since 1964-65. We have not seen a single book published in the name of Osho which did not have the notice of having copyright showing ownership of copyright of one institution or the other. Then why these disputes?

As regards copy rights of Osho's works when we received the first cassette of Osho's discourse from Rajneesh Ashram Poona in 1974 it appeared very strange to me also reading the following inscriptions on the wrapper of the audio cassette:-

"WARNING:- Copyright subsists in all RF recordings. Any un-authorized broadcastings, public performance, copying or re-recording in any manner whatsoever will constitute infringement of such copyright. Licenses for the use of records for public performance may be obtained from Rajneesh Foundation."

After reading the above no honest man will attempt to copy the material of the cassette. As for ourselves, if another copy was needed to gift the same to any of our friends, several times we were prompted by the desire to record, but resisted doing so by the feeling that if we being Osho sannyasins infringe the copyright, then what Osho can expect from those who are not His disciples. Whenever someone wanted to have a cassette of above discourse we used to tell him in plain words that the re-recording of the discourse without the permission of Rajneesh Foundation has been prohibited. The same has to be ordered from the Rajneesh Ashram, Poona. And in spite of the fact that there was facility with us to record the discourse or music of Osho Meditation in the new cassette we restrained ourselves thinking that such an act will amount to betrayal of our Master.

The contents of the recorded cassette being spiritual were most valuable and of immense benefit to the masses. We could not convince our mind as to why such restrictions have been put for reaching the same to the public, particularly to lovers of Osho who are seekers of Truth. It is after so many years that we could understand the meaning and significance of these words. We came to know that Rajneesh Foundation had acted on Osho's request to protect his name, His copyright and His work.

This was requested by Osho because His name had earned immense good will and His books were in great demand and there was every possibility that any greedy person could miss-use the same for his material gains. Osho's works could be diluted and distorted by the vested interests. In the absence of such restrictions anyone could use the name "Osho" in any manner they may choose. They may create their own meditations and call them Osho Meditations or even change any of Osho's meditations as they wish. They may create and sell "Osho Paintings" even if they are painted by someone else, or any manner of such things. In that case the purity of His message and His meditation techniques and music created in His guidance for such meditation would have been diluted. That would have been of great loss to the humanity and whole life efforts of Osho to raise human consciousness would have gone in vain. In view of above a great responsibility has been vested on the lovers of Osho in general and Osho sannyasins in particular to honor and protect these copyrights. But it is very painful to see that many of Osho Sannyasins have themselves been infringing the copyrights and also prompting others to do so not to say of protecting the same.

Regarding publishing the words of Osho in the shape of books, the fist copyright was vested in JEEVAN JAGRUTI KENDRA, Bombay, India as one can see in the first edition of a small booklet titled" TOWARDS THE UNKNOWN" published in 1969 . It shows that there has been copy right of Osho's works since the first publication of his books. Since then everyone honored the same.

Up to the year 2000 every one had been honoring the Trade Mark and Copyrights of Osho's works in India as well in other countries of the world. It is in this year that infringement of Osho's copyrights and Trade Marks was started in India. The reason for this was that some of Indian Sannyasins who were holding some powerful jobs in the working of Rajneesh Ashram Pune were not feeling convenient after they were relieved of such jobs, for the reasons best known to them. Now they had again become ordinary sannyasins which gave a great shock to their egos. Rather than accepting their ordinariness and remaining in Pune ashram and meditating there in and side by side doing whatever job assigned to them, they became revengeful and decided to leave Rajneesh Ashram and go on their own way. This reminds us of following few sentences written by Ma Prem Shunyo in her remarkable book—"My Diamond Days with Osho":-

"Around a Master when situations change there is nothing to be done except go with it, because everything is changing all the time in existence, and with a Master the emphasis in on accepting change. A few people, who in Pune had jobs with a certain amount of power or prestige, were to find it impossible to adjust to their new positions. Some went their own way and the group around Osho changed, just as great winds come and dead branches fall from the trees."

They made their own platforms to start a campaign against Poona commune which is now being run by Osho Media and Resorts Pvt. Ltd. This commune is the head quarter of Osho International Foundation which owns the Trade Mark "OSHO' and Copyrights of Osho's works; and Osho International which carries out the publishing and distribution of these works. This group of outgoing sannyasins formed 'Osho World' Foundation and raised a Meditation Centre near Delhi. Swami Chaitanya Kirti who had been editor of Osho Times Pune for a long time, in collaboration with other sannyasins there, started publishing 'Osho World' magazine. An internet Website known as was also started. These were to be used to spread lies about Pune commune and criticize the working of those sannyasins who were running the same. They intentionally started infringing Copyrights of Osho's works and using the trade mark "OSHO". No permission for publication of Osho's words and Photos in the Osho World magazine and using the same in the was obtained from the Osho International Foundation. They also started copying Osho's audio and video discourses and Osho Meditation music in the form of C.D.s, M.P.3s and DVDs without permission and selling the same in the market for monetary benefits in the garb of spreading Osho's message

The other purpose was to make contact with other sannyasins to get their support for their cause. But the main purpose was to undermine the reputation of Pune commune and erode its income sources. This was followed by other sannyasins who had betrayed Osho and His work. Some formed Osho Dhara Foundation; Ma Neelam and Swami Tathagat established Osho Nisarga Meditation Centre, near Dharamshala in H.P. India and Swami Narendera Bodhisattva raised his ashram at Dehradun under the name Osho Bodhisattva Commune. All the persons who were running these communes were in association for their only common cause i.e. to campaign against Osho International Foundation (OIF) and spread lies against the working of the commune and sannyasins managing the same.

This work, however, could not be accomplished without taking the support and shelter of 'Osho Work' i.e. spreading Osho's message and conducting Osho Meditation camps by applying all available means. By way of this they also got publicity to spread their opinion that they are the true saviors of the Osho Vision and are engaged in genuine work and those others were fakes and destroying the spirit of their master's vision. The same was false propaganda. For their anti-Pune commune activities they were banned entering the Osho Meditation Resorts, Pune, India.

These sannyasins however justified their acts giving the following reasons:-
a) Osho did not want His works to be copyrighted.
b) Osho wanted His copyright returned to India after He left the USA.
c) Osho was against royalties.
d) The New York office of Osho International copyrighting Osho's work which is wrong.
e) Meditation cannot be copyrighted or trade-marked; it is against Osho's will.
f) OSHO Trade mark and Copy rights of Osho's works are hindrance in spreading Osho's message.
But all above were baseless in view of the following:-


We could find following words of Osho on the issues of Trade Marks and Copyrights which need to be seen minutely understood in their proper perspective:-

"And they are not organizations, they are simply institutes. And their function has become more important now, because for all the languages that books are being translated into, it has to be seen to it that they are not mistranslated – that the translation is right, that it does not harm the spirit of the message.

It is not only a question of copyright; it is a question that I should not be presented in a wrong way – which is possible. Because if they are just earning money, who cares whether the translation is right or wrong."

Just don't misunderstand me. Whatever I say is possible always to be misunderstood, because I am not talking about the ordinary world of things and objects. I am talking about the inner world of consciousness and being.

I have told Neelam, my secretary, to write to them, "Things can be copyrighted, thoughts cannot be copyrighted, and certainly meditations cannot be copyrighted. They are not things of the marketplace." Nobody can monopolize anything. But perhaps the West cannot understand the difference between an objective commodity and an inner experience.(Quoted by Osho World Foundation, New Delhi in

I have told Neelam to reply to these people,"You don't understand what meditation is. It is nobody's belonging, possession. You cannot have any copyright. Perhaps if your country gives you trademarks and copyrights on things like meditation, then it will be good to have a copyright on stupidity. That will help the whole world to be relieved... Only you will be stupid and nobody else can be stupid; it will be illegal."

(Om Shanti Shanti Shanti # )

Ma Yoga Nelam, Swami Chaitnya Kirti and Associates have their official website known as OSHOWORLD.COM. On this website they have displayed the following quotation of Osho in support of their claim that Osho did not want His works to be copyrighted and that His name be registered as trade mark:-

"Things can be copyrighted, thoughts cannot be copyrighted, and certainly meditations cannot be copyrighted. They are not things of the marketplace." Nobody can monopolize anything. But perhaps the West cannot understand the difference between an objective commodity and an inner experience.

Swami Chaitnya Kirti has been editor of Osho Times for many years and also edited Osho's many books in English. But I am sorry to say that he has totally misunderstood the meaning of above quotation. I have doubt that many others also who may have read the above lines have understood the meaning of the same without reading the earlier paras.

In His above statement Osho has clearly stated that things can be copyrighted not the thoughts. How can you copyright the thoughts which are illusory and have no substance? These cannot be sold in the market. But if these thoughts are recorded as sound in some C.D or in any other electronic storage device, then that C.D. or electronic device takes the shape of a thing. That C.D. or Electronic storage device can be transported from one place to the other and thus sold in the market. This being a thing can be Trade Marked and Copyrighted to ensure the genuineness of its contents and to protect it to be copied for monitory benefits or altered with interpolation for malafide intentions. Obviously, Osho never said against the copyright of the same in his above quotation.

But the Osho World Group spread the lies about the copyright of Osho's works and intentionally miss-informed Osho lovers and disciples that because of copyright of Osho's meditations they were prevented to practice the same. This is sheer non-sense.

To have trade mark and to protect it is to protect the public from deceit and to foster fair competition. Osho knew it well; that is why He has made clear distinction between a 'thing' and a 'thought'. Meditation like thoughts is an inner phenomenon, these do not have objective existence, who can put Trade Mark or can have Copyright on the same. Can any one or at least Swami Chaitannya Kirti find meditation in the C.D.? Is some technique of meditation or music for it is meditation? This should not be difficult to understand even for a man of average intelligence.

Everybody is free to meditate or think in any way they like. But if somebody has given instructions about some method of meditation and also composed some music for such meditation and recorded in some C.D. etc. for selling in the market, he has every right to register a trade mark of the same .He can secure it from copying without his permission because he is the owner of the same. Copying the same by someone for earning money without owner's permission will amount to stealing. This is clear misunderstanding on the part of Swami Chaitannya Kirti. Osho also seems to have been aware of this misunderstanding, therefore He had already made his stand clear before saying these words, in the earlier Para of the discourse which Swami Chaitannya Kirti seems to have intentionally not quoted:-

Just don't misunderstand me. Whatever I say is possible always to be misunderstood, because I am not talking about the ordinary world of things and objects. I am talking about the inner world of consciousness and being.

But the citation by Swami Chaitannya Kirti in the has sent a wrong message to the lovers of Osho in general and His sannyasins in particular. Mr. Kirti has tried to convince the OSHO sannyasins and His lovers that because of the copyright of Osho Meditations, they will not be able to meditate without permission. This is shear nonsense.

The above shows that OSHOWORLD.COM is being used by Neelam, Chaitnya Kirti and associates (OSHO WORLD GROUP) for spreading lies about the Osho Trade Marks and Copyright of His works. This has deceived many OSHO sannyasins and Osho lovers. They should take note of it.

The earliest published book available with us is 'towards the unknown'. On the top of the first page of this book this has been written: Copy Right with -- Jeevan Jagruti Kendra (Bombay). All Osho's books published thereafter have the warning of having copyright. The same was the case in respect of other periodicals published by the commune. Many of these books and periodicals/magazines have been edited by Swami Chaitannya Kirti. Nobody including Kirti had raised any question about the copyright of Osho's works during the period Osho was in the body. Even after Osho's leaving the body in 1990 nobody had objected the registration of copyright or OSHO Trade Mark. Even after 1990 till the year 2000, when these few Indian sannyasins left the Osho Commune, Pune; none had raised such objection. It is after their leaving the commune that all these things entered their minds. This all shows that the issue of Trade Marks and Copyrights was raised by these sannyasins out of revenge and jealousy. The fire of anger and jealousy has been burning their hearts since they decided to leave Pune commune.

Osho has been inspecting each and every book newly published and used to give very precise instructions about their designing and quality. He also used to sign one copy of such new books and keep the same in His personal library. These have been properly preserved and can be inspected by any person or authority for evidence. This all shows that Osho wanted His works be protected by copyrights as well as by Trade Marks. The propaganda against the same by the 'Osho World' group lead by Neelam and Chaitannya Kirti is false and made to misinform Osho sannyasins and His lovers in India. They should take note of this and not to support this campaign.

As regards the second reason for their false propaganda, the reply already given by Osho Commune International in their open letter circulated in June, 2000 will prove to the contrary. The same is reproduced below:-

What he wanted was his books returned to India – his personal library of more than 50,000 books which have been at the Osho Commune since that time.

This had nothing to do with Osho's copyrights, which, at his direction have been protected by an International Foundation for the last 19 years. As the owner of the copyrights to his own work, Osho assigned them to a foundation in the USA, and later asked that they be transferred to a Swiss-based Foundation. He directed that they remain there. The legal records of assignment of copyright are well documented and carry Osho's signature. Further, Osho has given sworn testimony in a copyright infringement lawsuit in the United States confirming his assignment.

Osho looked in detail at all his publications. From 1986 onwards, every English language book he saw included the title page with the copyright notice acknowledging the Swiss Foundation. He even made suggestions to change this copyright entry, asking that the date be removed to reflect the timelessness of his words. Books displaying that international Swiss copyright are in Osho's library today, signed by him.

But the fire of revenge and jealousy continued to prompt Osho World Group to work against Osho International Foundation and Osho International, Pune. They also formed another group of misguided Osho lovers under the name and style Osho Friends International and filed false case in U.S.A. and perhaps instigated Lotus Commune, Germany to file court cases in this respect against Osho International Foundation, Munich, Switzerland. In this way they challenged the intentions of Osho with regards to the Trade Marks and Copyrights of His works. The reply of Osho International Foundation to the same makes crystal clear everything. For reading the reply go to our Download page The statements of Osho sannyasins who are witness to the intentions of Osho are also very clear and prove that the claim of Osho Friends International and Osho World Group is false and made unconsciously which has harmed master's real work. To read the reply and statements of witnesses click our Download page.


In the beginning we are reproducing Osho's admittance to have been receiving royalties for his books. These royalties were being received by the Osho Commune through institutions established with his directions like Osho Foundation International and Osho Neo-Sannyas International etc. The names of various institutions went on changing with the change of time and changing circumstances – administrative, legal and financial. Reading the following extract from the discourses of Osho, no real lover or disciple will go so low as to say that Osho was against royalties on his books or other works:-

"I have not purchased anything from the money produced by the commune because the commune never produced any money. The commune was absorbing money. In fact all my royalties, all my books, all their profits were going to the commune. The situation is just the opposite -- that I had given everything to the commune. Now, four hundred books in different languages were bringing millions of dollars in royalties, and those royalties were going to the commune. If I had wanted to purchase Roll Royces, I could have purchased my own Rolls Royces, as many as I wanted, just out of my royalties."

(Beyond Psychology # 24)

The above statement of Osho clearly shows that He was not against receiving royalties on his books and other works. It is the false propaganda by Ma Neelam, Chaitannya Kirti and their associates to misguide Osho lovers and disciples just to seek support to their campaign against OIF Osho International and Osho Meditation Resort, Pune. Those who support this false propaganda and lies about OSHO Trademarks and Copyrights are betrayers of their master Osho and His Vision. Such people are no longer Osho sannyasins. The 'Osho World Foundation' New Delhi through their website, 'Osho World' Magazine and 'Osho World' News Letter are spreading such lies. We advise all Osho Lovers and Osho sannyasins no to believe in such lies. These lies are doing great harm to Osho Foundation International, Osho International and Osho International Meditation Resort which are engaged in real work of Osho. They should take note of it.

The 'Osho World Group' under the leadership of Neelam have also been misguiding the sannyasins who have been sincerely engaged in Osho Work is evident from the letter of apology written by one of the Directors of Osho Centre situated at Colorado, USA , the relevant extract we are reproducing hereunder for the information of Osho sannyasins:-

Osho Global Connections, Pune and Osho International Foundation Friends,
I am writing this letter of apology to all lovers of Osho and his work. I used to be a Director of an Osho Centre in Boulder Colorado and 1998 as part of Osho International's work to protect Osho's name and to keep his work 24 Karat gold; we were asked to sign the letter of Understanding (LOU), reconfirming our basic understanding and support.

Rather than listening to the reasons for this document put forward by Osho Global Connections and Osho International we decided against signing the LOU because we decided that we should be "neutral". It seems that I did not understand that OIF protects the OSHO mark for all of us involved in the work.

Instead of supporting the people doing the work we did nothing, and in doing noting we ended up actually supporting Neelam and Keerti and Sangeet, the people responsible for bringing a legal action against Osho International Foundation(OIF) in the USA against the registration of the OSHO marks related to the Osho Active Meditations. These same people are also responsible for campaign against the people taking care of the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India as well as the campaign to destroy Osho Copyrights. And my support to them was in spite of the fact that my previous dealing with Osho International I had recognized the existence of that same copyright.

Sangeet and these people convinced one of our Board Members, Ma Jivan Suvarna, to join in their legal action against the Foundation and she even gave testimony against the Foundation and the Inner Circle and its members. Suvarna also joined with sangeet, a former lawyer involved in Osho work, on the board of the VIHA magazine which for years has attacked OIF at every possible turn. I did nothing about this, no objection of any kind.

In addition, as a Director, I supported the use of lawyers to oppose Osho International in its action to defend the Osho Trademarks. By our fence sitting and by refusing to sign the LOU we forced Osho International into a legal action against the Osho Boulder Center adding more expenses and work to an already expensive and time consuming litigation.

Finally, I am embarrassed to say that some eight years later I finally got the point ant OIF, and Osho Global Connections and the Inner Circle are not in any way trying to stop people from doing the Osho Meditations or spreading the Osho vision. On the contrary, as anyone who has walked into any book store can see, never have Osho publications been more available in the world than now. And these people who we failed to support when they needed our support, work round the clock to make this all happen."

Vidroha Jamie ( James St Clain)
Pune, Dated 04-02-2010

By reading the above extract of letter of apology by Vidroha Jamie ( James St. Clain) it becomes clear that Neelam and Keerti were behind bring legal case against Osho International Foundation. It also becomes clear from the above that they got legal and moral support from resourceful Osho disciples in USA by misguiding them and Osho International Foundation lost the case on OSHO Trademarks of Osho Active Meditations. Because of them now any one can do anything in the name of OSHO in USA. This will immensely harm Osho Vision and Osho Work in America.


The Osho World Foundation, New Delhi through its website, Osho World Magazine and Osho News Letter is spreading the lie that Osho Trademarks and Copyrights of Osho's work is hindering spreading his message and preventing Osho lovers doing Osho Active Meditations. This is only to misguide Osho sannyasins and make false propaganda against Osho International Foundation which is holding OSHO Trademarks and Copyrights. Temptation behind this is the force of jealousy against the income being received by the Foundation in the form of royalties. These royalties are the sore of their eyes. They very well know that if the Foundation stops to receive the royalties, these will not go to Osho World Foundation. But once some one's anger grips the mind and ego is hurt he can go to any extent in revenge.

OSHO's Trademarks and Copyrights existed since His first book was published, perhaps in 1964-65. Then how His message has reached to every corner of the world? Since then thousands of Osho Lovers have been practicing Osho Meditations and listening to His discoursed in Audio Tapes, C.D.s and D.V.D.s? How it is that these Trademarks and Copyrights are preventing all above after the year 2000. There is no such thing other than the anger and jealousy of the people who acted against Osho's vision and tried to harm His work which automatically banned them from entering Osho Commune, Pune.

Even Christianity which believes in conversion and spreading its literature all over the world has copyright on the Bible. All religions of the world have copy rights on their books; still how they have spread all over the world? Their books are available to anyone; their religious methods are available to everyone who wants to practice them. Books written on Zen all have copy rights, but in spite of the same its books are available everywhere.

The C.D.s of Osho Meditations are easily available. Anyone can purchase and use them for meditation. Copyrights and Trademarks do not prevent anybody practicing Osho meditations. Yes, the people whose business depends on piracy of copyrighted works will certainly be affected. Osho World Foundation, New Delhi's business will be affected and others who are many in India are earning by illegally copying Osho's works will be affected. Only these are the people who are objecting such rights. Osho lovers should not support these pirates.

(Osho International Foundation has the copy rights of all above statements of Osho)

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