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Provide shortcuts to false Samadhi

Samadhi or Enlightenment is a rare phenomenon, and to be an enlightened Master is the rarest. Most fortunate are those who have the opportunity to be in the presence of an enlightened Master and seek his guidance for their own enlightenment. Still , in spite of proper guidance, very few reach to the state of enlightenment because the journey towards such height of consciousness is not so easy. How long a seeker will have to wait, nothing can be said. It is said that one has to stake everything in life; still it cannot be certain that one will reach. It may take one life or many lives. Those who choose to go really on such arduous journey are also rare. Therefore, most of the seekers are in search of shortcuts to complete this journey. But nobody has ever reached enlightenment through short cuts. Every shortcut will lead to false enlightenment or false Samadhi. Moreover, nobody bothers to find whether one has reached to true Samadhi or false Samadhi. Therefore, there are people everywhere in India who claim to have attained Samadhi and are leading others to enlightenment.

These so called Gurus provide shortcuts and attract many people who do not want to pay the cost by going on the tedious and long journey towards real Samadhi. Moreover, Samadhi being an inner experience, is invisible. So it is open for anybody to claim enlightenment and lead others to Samadhi. And these merchants of invisible goods are running good business. Such business not only gives money but also prestige. This also gives great nourishment to their ego. And the wonder of wonder is that every one of such claimants of Samadhi or Gurus succeed in collecting followers. It seems there is no dearth of blind people on the earth.

Such misfortune has happened among Osho Sannyasins also. Few Osho Sannyasins took the opportunity to ride on the high waive of Osho's worldwide goodwill and fulfill their long cherished desire to become Gurus. They declared themselves to have achieved Enlightenment. They became Gurus and started giving short cuts to others for achieving Samadhi or Enlightenment. As they could not walk on their own feet( because false has no feet) they started using the name 'Osho', Osho's photos and selected parts of His discourses which suit to their ideas and motives.

One of such groups is 'Osho Dhara Group' having its Head Office at Murthal, Haryana.It has been promoted by so called Osho Siddharth, Osho Shailender and Osho Priya. They are also called 'Osho Trivir' by their flock of sheep. They created their own technique for seeking Samadhi named as 'Aatm Pragya'. This technique is the mixture of many techniques borrowed from Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and various saints of Bhakti Marg. In each of their Samadhi Programmes, first they give the complete picture to the participants as to what they will see, hear, smell or feel while practicing a particular Samadhi Technique. That they will see infinite light, various colors and hear the sound AUM and feel peace and ecstasy. Such suggestions are dangerous because mind will project these all. Osho has explained these techniques in full details for the practical guidance of the seekers of the Truth. These can be practiced without depending upon any other person in the form of a Guru. It has been explained that all techniques clear the ground for meditation, these are not meditation. The real meditation is witnessing which leads to Samadhi. Osho has stressed that the thread running through all techniques is Awareness or Witnessing which is not a technique.

Keeping in view the methods of meditation invented in the past, Osho has devised many active and passive Meditation Techniques which most suit to the modern man. It has been clearly explained by Osho that the first part of the active meditations is only the preparation and not meditation. The other passive part contains only witnessing and awareness which is Meditation. Meditation is the state of No Mind. When this state of No Mind lasts for at least forty eight minutes, it culminates into Samadhi or Enlightenment. It is practical, anyone can experiment and see. Enlightenment is said to be beyond description. Silence is its language. With such simple process, it is not possible to exploit others.

All meditation techniques of Osho are complete in themselves. These are sufficient for a seeker to reach the state of Enlightenment or Samadhi; many have practiced and many are practicing all over the world; how many have reached, is not possible to say. It only shows that these techniques do not lead to false Samadhi. In His meditation techniques, Osho has left no scope for the mind to project false visions or experiences which many mistake as experience of Samadhi.

Osho , before leaving U.S has made many statements and explanations about many esoteric things and terms which were ignored in the talks made in U.S and subsequently. The change was necessary because Osho had said many things which can be misused, miss-interpreted for confusing the people. These could be made basis for spoiling his message and giving birth to Gurudom. Osho Dhara Group i.e. so called 'Osho Trivir' are doing the same. They are using Osho's pre-America discourses to exploit Osho lovers. In the discourse of the later part Osho has made his vision very precise and clear. That is why Osho made the following statement about this which no 'Messengers of Gurudom' will like:

" Now I have got my people -- from all sources I have caught them, from Buddhists, from Hindus, from Christians, from Jews. From every land, from every country, from every race, I have caught hold of those who can now listen to me directly, and I don't need any Jesus, any Buddha, any Mohammed to stand between me and my disciples. So I am kicking them out."

"For three years I remained silent, just to give a gap so people forget all about what I said before those three years, and I can start from the very beginning again. So don't quote anything from my books. Those days are dead – those books are dead."

(Last Testmt. I # 21)

Osho has indicated about the above change earlier also which is which is as below:

"So don't be too bothered about what I have said in my earlier works. I have said many things which I don't mean! What I am saying today is closer to truth than what I said yesterday, and every day it will become closer and closer to the truth. Before I am gone I will again have told you the naked truth.

I am going to say whatsoever I feel is the truth, and every day I will go on sharpening the truth. I have spoken so much for all kinds of people -- three hundred books are there. Now I have to create three hundred more books to get rid of all that I have said! But I am capable of doing it -- I have planned it already. For seven years I have been speaking non-stop, just seven years more speaking non-stop and I can put you in a real jam!"

Osho spoke on 25-12-1980)

But Osho Dhara Group i.e. so called 'Osho Trivir' will not understand why Osho has made the above statements.
The Osho Dhara Samadhi Programmes can give only dreams not Samadhi because no technique can lead to Samadhi. The mixture of such various techniques with well defined objects will take one nowhere but to hallucinations which can easily be mistaken as Satori or Samadhi. These people have made search for Truth a complex phenomenon so that one has to depend upon them for guidance. Osho in a discourse delivered on 10-05-1986 has categorically made it clear that no technique can lead to Samadhi, all short cuts are dangerous because these will lead to false Samadhi:-

"The watchfulness of body, mind and heart is more than enough. No other special techniques are needed, although there are techniques. But as I see them, they are not necessary; on the contrary, they complicate the whole phenomenon. And spiritual growth is not a technological phenomenon, so any technique can become a hindrance. You can start clinging to the technique. That has happened to millions of people."

"Searching for spiritual growth they come across a teacher who gives them a technique. The technique helps them to become more silent, more calm, more quiet, to have a great well-being, but then the technique becomes absolutely essential. They cannot leave the technique. If they leave the technique, all those experiences start disappearing. Even if the technique has been practiced for years, just within three days all the experiences will disappear."

"The techniques don't really give you spiritual growth, but they create hallucination which looks spiritual because you don't know what spiritual growth is."

It happened that one Sufi master was brought to me. He was master of thousands of Mohammedans, and once a year he used to come to the city. A few of the Mohammedans of his group had become interested in me and they wanted a meeting. They highly appreciated that their master sees God everywhere, in everything, and he is always joyful:

"We have been with him for twenty years and we have never seen him in any other state except ecstasy."

I told them, "It will be good that he becomes a guest in my house. For three days you leave him with me. I will take care of your master." He was an old man, a very good man. I asked him, "Have you used any technique for this constant ecstasy, or has it come on its own without any technique?"

He said, "I have certainly used a technique. The technique is to remember, looking at everything, that there is God in it. In the beginning it looked ridiculous, but slowly slowly the mind became accustomed: now I see God everywhere in everything."

Then I said, "You do one thing... How long have you been practicing it?"
"Forty years" -- he must have been nearabout seventy.
I asked, "Can you trust your experience of ecstasy?"
He said, "Absolutely."

Then I said, "Do one thing: for three days you stop the technique... no more remembering that God is in everything. For three days look at things as they are; don't impose your idea of God. A table is a table, a chair is a chair, a tree is a tree, a man is a man." He asked, "But what is the purpose of it?"

I said, "I will tell you after three days."
But not even three days were needed; after only one day he was angry at me, ferociously angry that, "You have destroyed my forty years' discipline. You are a dangerous man. I have been told that you are a master, and rather than helping me... Now I see in a chair nothing but a chair, in a man nothing but a man; God has disappeared, and with the disappearance of God my ecstasy that I am surrounded by an ocean of God has also disappeared."

I said, "This was the specific purpose. I wanted you to understand that your technique has produced an hallucination; otherwise forty years' discipline cannot disappear in one day. You had to continue the technique, so it would continue to create the illusion. Now it is up to you: if you want to live your remaining life in an hallucinatory ecstasy, it is up to you. But if you want to wake up, then no technique is needed."

And remember, witnessing is not a technique, it is your nature. Watching is not a technique, because you are not imposing anything, so there is no possibility of creating an illusion; you are simply watching. Even if God comes in front of you, you are not supposed to fall on the ground and touch his feet: you have simply to watch. Watching is not a technique.

A technique creates something; watching simply reveals that which is. It does not create anything; on the contrary, it may destroy a few illusions that were hanging around because you were not watchful enough, so you had never noticed that they were illusory phenomena.

An illusion can be created so easily that mind always enjoys techniques. Who is going to use the technique? The mind will be the master of the technique.

Watchfulness is beyond mind. Mind cannot watch. That is the only thing in existence that mind cannot do. That's why mind cannot pollute it, mind cannot lead it astray.

The Osho Dhara Group say that Meditation is ladder which leads to Samadhi; without leaving Meditation one cannot reach Samadhi. This can be the statement of a person who has no experience of Meditation and think that technique is the meditation. Meditation is the seed which culminates into Samadhi.The process from meditation to Samadhi is very simple as has been explained by Osho in discourse 2 in series 'I Am That'. But these technicians of Osho Dhara have made a mess of all that. Osho speaks:

"Meditation has two parts: the beginning and the end. The beginning is called dhyana and the end is called samadhi. Dhyana is the seed, samadhi is the flowering. Dhyana means becoming aware of all workings of your mind, all the layers of your mind – your memories, your desires, your thoughts, dreams – becoming aware of all that goes on inside you.

Dhyana is awareness, and samadhi is when the awareness has become so deep, so profound, so total that it is like a fire and it consumes the whole mind and all its functionings. It consumes thoughts, desires, ambitions, hopes, dreams. It consumes the whole stuff the mind is full of.

Samadhi is the state when awareness is there, but there is nothing to be aware inside you; the witness is there, but there is nothing to be witnessed.

Begin with dhyana, with meditation, and end in samadhi, in ecstasy, and you will know what God is. It is not a hypothesis, it is an experience. You have to LIVE it – that is the only way to know it."

The Osho Dhara Group has brought Dhyana on the margin of their Samadhi Techniques and the experience of Samadhi has been arbitrarily bifurcated into several parts just to make everything vague and confusing. There is no mention of the Meditation techniques devised by Osho for the contemporary man It seems they have surpassed their master Osho in understanding the working of Meditation and Samadhi. By doing all this they have revealed that they do not have even the experience of Meditation, what to speak of Samadhi. Osho's talks clearly prove that these persons who call themselves as enlightened are speaking white lies to befool others(for this please link OSHO DHARA GOUP OR OSHO TRIVIR: A Trinity of False 'Enlighteneds').

If these so called 'Osho Trivir' think they are Masters on their own authority, they should have developed their own independent system without borrowing and stealing from Osho's discourses. If they stop to use Osho's name, His Photos and Discourses and start speak out of their own experience and intelligence without imitating Osho, their real faces will be revealed to them as well as to others. However, they will still go on attracting followers because there are many fools all around who are always ready to catch hold of any esoteric bullshit. Osho has explained in the following part of His talks that it is very easy to become a so called Guru/Spiritual Master. What you need is to be stupid:

"There are so many fools in the world that any Indian can find disciples. It is not a problem at all. Just your being Indian is enough, and you are a guru. I have seen such things happening before my eyes.

One of my disciples, Nirmala Srivastava, has now become a great spiritual leader. Now her name is long: Her Holiness Jagatjanani -- "The mother of the whole world" – Mataji Nirmalaji Srivastavaji.

She was once traveling with me in a car, and I passed by Muktananda's ashram. The people staying in Muktananda's ashram invited me to be there for a five-minute stay, just to take a cup of tea. And it was a long journey so I said, "There is no harm in it." Anyway I love a cup of tea! So I stayed for five minutes.

Nirmala saw Muktananda. She could not believe that this stupid-looking man -- disgusting, more or less a buffoon -- had become a great spiritual leader. After the tea, when we re-entered the car she said, "If this man can become a spiritual leader, then why can't l?"

I said, "You can." And she has become one.
There is one man here from Australia who asked me a question -- because now she is in Australia, doing great spiritual work. He asked me: "Once in a while you talk about a woman, Rabiya el-Adawiya. What do you think about Mataji Nirmala Deviji? Is she also of the same category as Rabiya el-Adawiya?" The man is here.

I know her perfectly well -- for ten years she was my student. There is nothing in it, no spirituality, no meditativeness... but she got the idea from Muktananda. And it is not the only case.

You must have heard the name of a great sardar yogi in America, Yogi Bhajan. He was just a porter at Delhi Airport. He saw Muktananda coming with seven hundred Americans.... Of course at that time his name was Sardar Harbhajan Singh; he was a poor porter, but certainly he looked far better than Muktananda, more impressive. The idea came into his mind, "If this fool can be a PARAMAHANSA, A SATGURU, etcetera, etcetera, then why should I waste my time just being a porter?" He dropped the job, went to America, and is now the greatest spiritual leader of the Sikh hierarchy in the Western hemisphere.

Just a few days ago, he was back in Delhi with all his disciples. One of his bosses, who is a lover of me, passed by. He saw him sitting on the lawn of the Delhi Taj Mahal Hotel with his disciples. He could not recognize him, he had changed so much. He thought, "A great mahatma."

But Yogi Bhajan is a simple man in that way, far simpler than Muktananda or Nirmala Devi. He sent a disciple to the boss to tell him, "Come to my room. I have something to say to you."

The boss could not understand why the great yogi was calling him; he was thrilled, excited. He went into the room, Yogi Bhajan came in and he said, "Boss, don't you recognize me? I am just that poor Sardar Harbhajan Singh, your porter. Have you forgotten me completely?"

Then he could recognize the face. He said, "But what has happened? You have become such a great yogi with so many disciples!"

Then he told the story... that it is due to Muktananda. The whole credit goes to Muktananda!

Indians cannot drop that garbage easily because that is the only garbage they are capable of selling to the world. They cannot get rid of that crap. It stinks! But it sells. There are millions of people in the world who are hankering for it and they don't know where to go.

India has become their hope... and they will be exploited.

Our intention to write all above is not to advise those who have been caught in the net of Osho Dhara Group because it is the place they deserve. Our only purpose is just to reveal these pretenders so that any real seeker may not waste his time and energy by falling in their trap. We also give a challenge to Osho Dhara Group to criticize what we have said and also have the sincerity and courage to publish in their periodicals our reply to the same. Before criticizing they are better to read our link 'OSHO VISION HAS GROWN LIKE A TREE FROM SEED TO THE FLOWERING.

They must not make any quotation from Osho's pre-America discourses in support of their criticism.

Are you not satisfied with the following statement of Osho, that you have to create the jargon of so called Samadhi Programmes?:


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