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Trade Marks and Copyrights are of most importance to preserve and protect any original work in the field of science and technology, religion and philosophy, art and literature including audio or visual works (may be in form of software or hardware). These are the rights of the creators of these works to protect their works from interpolation, alteration and misrepresentation by any other person out of greed for money or power or prestige. Such actions amount to infringement of Trade Marks and Copyright laws.

Without Trade Marks and Copyrights of all works of Osho in the form of His discourses, videos , books and arts will be left open in the hands of so called religious leaders and politicians who were offended because Osho has called them as' mafia of the soul of man' to dilute them. Without such rights these will be left open to them to destroy the rebelliousness of His vision by deleting all that which is against their vested interests and add all that which goes in favor of 'priests and politician nexus'. Such nexus has been exploiting the humanity for thousands of years.

Osho has been fighting against the exploitation of organized religions in His whole life. The nexus of religious leaders and politicians, irrespective of their religious or political affiliation, will in the absence of Osho Trade Marks and Copyrights, be able to cause such immense harm to Osho's work as even U.S. government with all its material power could not cause.

Under these circumstances, now the question is not with whom these Trade Marks and Copyrights are vested, the question is that these should exist. It is the responsibility of every Osho lovers to first know what is the meaning and significance of Trade Marks and Copyrights of any work. Then they should decide out of their own wisdom and understanding whether to support or object Osho's Trade Marks and Copyrights. They should not act being impressed by the false propaganda being done by the so called Osho Friends International, Osho World Foundation and Osho Friends Foundation. Behind these so called Osho Friends International and others are those few so called old Indian sannyasins who left Osho Commune, Pune finding that in the changed situations there, there was no way to nourish their ego.

Copyrights of all Osho's discourses and books published transcribing them had existed since His first book was published or first audio cassette of His discourses was released for sale sometimes in sixties. These copy rights since then were being used by various organizations from time to time under the guidance of Osho himself. One cannot find any book published or cassette or compact disc containing Osho's words which was available in the market for sale and which display Osho himself as the copyright owner. However, all of Osho's books published until the year 2001 contained the notice of some legal organization like, Jeevan Jagriti Kendra, Neo-Sannyas International, Rajneesh Foundation or Osho International Foundation. This all cannot be without the knowledge and guidance of Osho. This was all happening out of mutual love, trust and confidence between Osho and His sannyasins who were actively involved in his work. To raise doubts about such decisions and that too by Osho's own disciples shows that they could not understand their master and his working. And to take such matter into courts for legal battle reveals their greed and jealousy and lack of intelligence.

Why this dispute on Osho Trade Mark and Osho Copyrights has arisen? The roots of this dispute lie in the differences among the Indian Old sannyasins and Western sannyasins. How these differences arose and came in the open has been explained in our link 'INDIAN SANNYASINS AND FOREIGN SANNYASINS SYNDROME'. The so called old Indian sannyasins were against any change in the Osho work including running Osho Commune, Pune. They wanted to stick to the all old systems and wanted to maintain the status co. For instance they did not want to make any change in the design and style of Osho Times Magazine, Changes in the designs of new books and other periodicals which were needed to keep pace with the changing circumstances and new needs to avoid Osho vision fall in the main stream of other religions. They were against changing system of sannyas initiation which had become a tradition and giving birth to Gurudom.

The greatest blow to them was the idea 'OSHO AS A 'VISION', NOT AS A MAN'. This they could not digest because of their morbid attachment to "OSHO AS A MAN". The concept "OSHO AS A MAN" had no support from Osho's Vision. Therefore these so called old sannyasins could not convince other members of Inner Circle against this change. Now there were two options with them – either to go with the majority decision or to leave the Inner Circle. They, therefore, decided to leave the Inner Circle. Now there were two further options with them – either they should remain in Osho Commune, Pune and continue to do whatever new jobs were assigned to them there or to leave the Commune also. As they were holding important jobs there, therefore, it was below their prestige and pride to hold the jobs not so important; they decided to leave the commune also. This prompted them to do what they are doing now.

Their first attack was to destroy Pune commune and disrepute the sannyasins running the same.

The second attack they made to block the financial sources of Pune commune by infringing the Trademarks and Copyrights of Osho and His works and prompting others also to do so. Their third negative action was to spread lies and misunderstandings about working of Pune commune by making contacts with more and more Osho sannyasins and convince them with their actions and ideas. This was done and still being done to decrease the flow of Osho lovers to Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune, India.

In respect of Trademarks and Copyrights, Osho International Foundation has also clarified in a court case that Osho Trademarks and Copyrights were brought in with the instructions of Osho Himself to protect his works. The same is reproduced as under:-

On the contrary, it would be offensive and against public policy and morality to place the OSHO trade marks into the public domain because this will result in unscrupulous parties attempting to take advantage of the well-known brand name for their financial gain. For example, if the Registration is cancelled, a third party could start up a meditation centre, offer OSHO branded meditations which were harmful to the user of the service, or otherwise lacking the quality of a genuine OSHO meditation offered under controlled licensed use." "It has been established that, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh was not against business, media, press offices, Foundations or Intellectual Property protection as suggested by the Applicant. This is evident by the fact that there exists written proof of a foundation, legal secretary, a personal lawyer and an international secretary to assist Rajneesh in his branding projects. The fact that his talks were recorded on both audio and video emphasize the fact that in 1989 during the name change exercise, he was preparing for the media age. He began his own publishing operations and was involved in re-branding exercises; he encouraged the international licensing of his works and authorized action to be taken against those using any works without consent."

"The name OSHO is and has always been a trade mark in relation to meditation services and education relating to meditation and related goods and services. As soon as Rajneesh changed his name in 1989, actions were taken with the full authorization, control and acknowledgement of Osho to re-brand the meditation services and instruction relating thereto, as well as all of the publishing and video works. The OSHO mark was never just a name: it was always a trade mark and has always been treated as a trade marks by the Registered Proprietor and recognized as such by its extensive network of licensees".

The works of Osho i.e. His audio discourses, His videos, Books, Photos and Arts all require protection of Trade Marks and Copyrights to preserve their originality and secure from misrepresentation by any other person. These are of most importance to protect Osho lovers around the world from cheating in the name of Osho:
If your want to be sure that the books of Osho you are reading contain only the material from His discourses with proper context;
that the Osho Meditation Music you are using is the same as has been prepared in the direct guidance of Osho;
that none of his works are represented/claimed by any other person as his own works and copied, printed and sold as such;
that any person out of greed for money, name and fame does not exploit you by selling books which have been purported to have been written by Osho but actually written by some agent of Christian Priest, Hindu Shankaracharya or some politician to whom Osho had been exposing;

that the rebellious spirit of Osho's vision is not destroyed by anybody or any organization and the vision remains pure and twenty four carat gold and preserved as it is for the future humanity;

that Osho's Vision is not diluted by compromising with other religions and politicians and bring the same down from its most rebellious nature and make it an another religion at par with other organized religion;

then never support the persons and organizations which are against Osho Trademarks and Copyrights and trying in every possible way to snatch these from Osho International Foundation or Osho Neo-Sannyas International Foundation, which Public Charitable Trusts were vested with such rights by Osho for the last more than forty years. Before giving your opinion on Osho Trademarks and Osho Copyrights remember following words of Osho:-

"So the greatest work for sannyasins is to keep the message pure, unpolluted by you or by others –and wait."

"The future is bound to be more receptive, more welcoming. We may not be here but we can manage to change the consciousness for centuries to come."

"And my interest is not only in this humanity; my interest is in humanity as such. Keep the message pure, twenty-four carat gold."

Sermons in Stones #12)

For our detailed discussion on Osho Trademarks and Copyrights please click the link 'OSHO WORLD FOUNDATION, NEW DELHI, INDIA: Spreading lies about Osho Trademarks and Copyrights.

Osho Friends Trust, Chambaghat, Solan, H.P. India

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