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My effort is to take away all the barriers so that you can discover your original face; to remove all the masks so that you can discover who, in reality, you are. And the moment you realize yourself, that will be the moment of your gratitude towards me, because then you will understand why I was destroying everything that you thought was a connection. It was not a connection, it was a dependence.
I hate the word "ism." I hate collectivities. I respect the individual.
Collectivities are mobs, and the mob psychology has to follow the lowest denominator. Only individual peaks can become Everests. Collectivities become only flat ground. Do you want to be just a flat ground? Wouldn't you like to be an Everest, reaching higher and higher towards the stars?

Whatever I am doing is out of my love. I cannot see you dependent. I cannot see you being harassed, tortured, ordered, made to obey – no. Hence, I say to you: My way of life is not a religion. It is certainly a kind of religiousness.

To be religious without being attached to any religion is the most beautiful experience of life. Then religiousness is a quality, not a faith. Slowly slowly, I am taking away all excuses for your faith. I have taken away God, I have taken away paradise. I have taken away the fear of hell, taken away the greed for heaven. And I don't want anybody after me to undo what I have done.

It all depends on you. My guards, be on alert!

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