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The only way to achieve something in the interior world is let-go – a kind of effortlessness, a relaxation. It is not a doing; it is nondoing. It is not action; it is inaction. And it seems difficult because everybody from the very beginning is told, "Do something; don't just go on sitting there! Something is always better than nothing." In the inner world these are not the laws. Nothing is better than everything.

In the inner world, don't do anything: just sit there! That will work because whenever you are doing something, you are involved with something else; when you are not doing anything then you relax in yourself. Where to go? Even going is not allowed, because it is part of action.

So just simply get centered in yourself, and in those moments when you get centered in yourself is the possibility of liberation, the first glimpse of the world of inner sky, of inner stars....

When Vimalkirti came to me and became a sannyasin I had no idea that he was the great-grandson of the German emperor – he never told me. He was a rare human being: being a part of the oldest royal family in Europe, he was just working as a guard in front of my house. You will be surprised – for years he was there, meditating, doing his work, but he never told anybody.

When he died, only then did we become aware that he was the great-grandson of the German emperor. He was perhaps the first German man who had become enlightened, and the reason seems to be that he came from the royal family so he was not programmed as every other German is programmed. Because he came from the royal family, he had a certain rebelliousness in him.

His family was no longer in power; otherwise he would have been the emperor of Germany. He had a certain rebelliousness against the whole of Germany and the whole German spirit, which had thrown his family and him from power.

He rebelled in every way. He married a sannyasin. The family was against it because she was not of royal blood. And he certainly insisted on marrying her only for that reason, that she was not of royal blood. That's how he was breaking his programming. When he came to me and I asked him, "Vimalkirti, what work would you like?" he said, "You simply say – anything."

I loved the man from the very first moment I saw him. He had a certain quality. So I said, "Okay, you be my guard, because you are so silent you will not create any disturbance. You just sit by my door." And he said, "I will remain grateful forever, because I would have never thought I would be so fortunate as to be so close to you. You will be sleeping just inside the door, and I will be sitting outside. You will be working inside, and I will be sitting outside. Just this closeness is enough for me; I don't ask for more. You have given me everything."
You have to understand that in the world the program that says

(Socrates Poisoned )

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