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Boredom is in getting stuck at one point – repeating, repeating, repeating. Joy is in exploration – finding new people, new spaces. It is simple common sense. People are bored in their job because they allowed others to decide their job; their parents wanted them to be a doctor, so they are a doctor. They never had any inner urge to be a doctor, and they never listened to their inner voice.

It is never too late; they can start listening to their inner voice. And it is better to drop a job and do the thing they always wanted to do. It may be a loss in salary; economically it may not be good, but spiritually it is going to take away the boredom. And what are you going to do with the money, with all the facilities that the job gives you, if you are utterly bored? It is better to be a beggar but not bored, than to be an emperor and be bored.

These are common-sense insights. The cities are becoming bigger and bigger. The villages are disappearing, and with the disappearing villages the pure air, the unpolluted atmosphere – that is disappearing.

People should just see it; they should start moving towards the villages. They should start doing farming, gardening; and there are thousands of other things. It just needs a little courage.

The city has no future. And in jungles, all animals make their territories the same way, and most of their territories are respected by other animals. But you put them in a zoo, in a small cage, and you destroy their freedom. Perhaps something of their soul is crushed.

What about man?

If all animals have a territory, a certain territory, a determinable territory – if lions have only that much territory, all the lions – then what about man? It is not possible that he has no territorial imperative. He also has it. But in the crowds of a city how can he manage a territory? And if he cannot manage a space around himself, perhaps he is losing something of his inner being too.
So it is not strange that when you go out of the city, in the open – in the forest, near the ocean, or in the mountains – suddenly you feel an expansion of being. That expansion of being is a very scientific phenomenon – nothing poetic. It is your territory; there, you can have it.

The world is big enough still – people can move. They have moved to the cities because they are center of money. If they understand only one thing – that money cannot buy anything of value, and you have lost everything, running after money....

Go back! Go to the world where you belong – to the trees, to the animals, to the rivers, to the mountains.

(Light On The Path)>

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