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From What you have experienced in the past thirty-two years, after living both in India and abroad, is there any significant change in your thoughts about India, America, religion, sex, and the problems of India and their solutions?

Great change has come, because I am not a rotten stagnant pond. I am flowing Ganges. I am moving forward each moment. …

The seed is the same – it has become the tree, the foliaed it more and more. So I will certainly not say the same – it has become the tree, the foliage and the blossoming flowers. In my life I have not grown in opposition to anything. Rather whatever I have said, I have only refind it more and more. So I wll certainly will not say the same things that I was saying thirty years ago.

Thirty years ago I was talking of the seeds; now I am showering the flowers.

(The Diamond Sword )

I don't know what I have said on the yesterdays stretching backwards thirty years. I know only what I am saying to you now. This has given me freedom to tell you the truth even if it goes against my past. I am not confined by my yesterdays. I have never read any of my books and I don't know what kind of things I have been saying. But whatever has been said was true for that moment, and exactly the same is the case now.

Never compare my statements with the past statements; otherwise instead of getting enlightened you will find yourself in an insane asylum. I have contradicted myself so many times, that anybody working for a Ph.D. thesis on me will go crazy. He will never get the Ph.D.

(From Death To Deathlessness # 10)

Now I have got my people -- from all sources I have caught them, from Buddhists, from Hindus, from Christians, from Jews. From every land, from every country, from every race, I have caught hold of those who can now listen to me directly, and I don't need any Jesus, any Buddha, any Mohammed to stand between me and my disciples. So I am kicking them out.

For three years I remained silent, just to give a gap so people forget all about what I said before those three years, and I can start from the very beginning again. So don't quote anything from my books. Those days are dead -- those books are dead.

(The Last Testament Vol.I # 21)

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