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The committee of the commune should be in rotation; every year new people are coming in and old people are going out, so nobody becomes addicted to power. Power is the worst drug that people can become addicted to; it should be given, but in very small doses and not for a long time. Let the individual grow and let the commune grow – and forget all about society; don't fight with it. Don't even say, "We are creating an alternative society..."

We have nothing to do with society; let society go on as it is. If it wants to live it will have to change its mode, its form, its structure, and it will have to become a commune. If it wants to die, let it die. There is no harm. The world is overpopulated; it needs only one-fourth of its population. So the old rotten heads who cannot conceive of anything new, who are absolutely blind and cannot see that what they are doing is harmful and poisonous... if they have decided to die, then let them die silently.

Don't disturb them.
I don't teach you to be rebellious and to be revolutionaries. I want you to be very silent, almost underground transformers. Because all the revolutions have failed... now the only possible way is that we should do it so silently and so peacefully that it can happen. There are things which happen only in silence. For example, if you love trees, you should not take up the rosebush every day to look at its roots; otherwise you will kill it. Those roots have to remain hidden. Silently they go on doing their work.

My people have to be just like roots: silently go on doing the work, changing yourself, changing anybody who is interested; spreading the methods that can change; creating small pools, small groups, small communes and wherever possible bigger communes. But let this whole thing happen very silently, without creating any upheaval.

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